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2015 State Champs results

Results are up on the results page.

Next “race” is on the 06th December – End of year pony express – registation will be open later this week with more info to follow. The basic rules are:

Each team of 4 must contain at least one junior or one female. Teams race in a consistent order (i,e. rider 1, rider 2, rider 3, rider 4, rider 1, so forth) for two hours. Most laps completed “wins”. No prizes for “winners” although we may have some “random” prizes to give away. If you get my “drift”. What ever “that” means.

This when we’ll also draw the major Giant raffle prize. If you’re after a ticket send an email to and we can sort something out in the interim. Tickets will be available on the day as well. You do not need to be there to win it (official raffle rules).

That’s about all I have left for now…..

AMBC Races

State Champs on Sunday – Final Rego Reminder!

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This is it! Registrations close tomorrow morning at 10am! If you haven’t registered and you want to race – click here – and go through the motions.

If you’re having difficulty because Tina the Llama won’t eat her food – then email so we can sort something out.

Start times and categories and a whole lot of general information about the state champs is on the State Champs Page.

Anderson Hill will be putting on a BBQ to cater for the event.

Just in case you don’t know where it is – it’s at Fox Creek

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Raffle advert

We’ll be selling tickets for the Giant MTB raffle as well – $5ea and with a maximum of 1,000 tickets up for grabs you’ll be in with a fighting chance to win yourself a Giant Anthem 27.5 1. Massive thanks to Giant Adelaide for their continual support of the club.

The raffle will be drawn at the Pony Express to be held on the 06th Dec at O’Halloran Hill. Because this is an official raffle – rules and stuff – you do not have to be there on the day to claim your prize – although it would be nice so we can a photo of your big smile as you strut up to claim your prize!


We’ll also be going through the AGM formalities, the brunt of which is the election (or re-election) of members to the committee roles. There’s some babble about finances, but it’s only money so I wouldn’t worry about that.

It’s not to late to nominate yourself for a position if you’re interested in any way. Email or have a chat with any of us on the day or on the trails.

Following that we will be presenting the Elite Winter Series prizes, followed by the GESA presentations and then the State Champs presentations.

AMBC Races

State Champs, AGM, CHC, LivGiant Ride, Raffle

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State champs are fast approaching. Here’s a map of what the course may or may not look like – i.e. it’s subject to change because who likes to know everything? The course needs some pruning, so if you’re keen to help out shoot a message over to so that you can arrange logistics and story times.

Fox State Champs XCO 2015 b

Yet another reminder that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held right before presentations – around 2pm. If you’d like to nominate for a position, then send an email to to let us know. Remember, you can challenge existing committee members, but why would you when we have some great positions available:

  • Timing Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Media Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Secretary

The timing role stops the person from racing and the committee compensates this by making it a paid position. 

Timing and registration coordinator positions are a must have in order for races to go ahead. 

What’s CHC? COLD HARD CASH – The series points have been tallied and winners have been decided. The prizes will be awarded after the AGM and right before State Champs prizes. Remember that all championship categories in the State Champs attract CHC – some categories even paying to 5th!

Check out the State Champs page for more info.

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LivGiant is once again hosting another ladies ride at Fox Creek tomorrow morning – 01st November. All the details can be found on there Facebook event page – click here.

Ride meet is at 09:15 and roll out at 09:30 for a 1.5 hour ride.

Great opportunity to scout the state champs course for beginner and experienced rides alike and pick the brains of the LivGiant ladies about tactics, line choice and the best jokes to heckle to fetch a smile from competitors!

Raffle? What raffle? WELL! Thanks to Giant Bicycles Adelaide AMBC have one delicious Giant Anthem 27.5 1 to raffle off. The raffle will be drawn at the clubs end of year function on 06 Dec, and tickets will be available for purchase at the State champs.

Tickets are $5ea and there are only 1000 of them, so get in quick!

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General News

State champs and a fresh roll of FatChat

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Do you have good intentions to race the State Champs? Have you registered yet? if you haven’t, you should. It’s way more fun to race than not. Even the time keeper is going to try!

Plenty of information to filter through on the dedicated State Champs page – click here – and if you’ve still got questions after carefully examining the page with lawyer eyes, feel free to email and we’ll see what ails you.

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Remember that the State Champs will also incorporate the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Now is the time to elect for any position on the committee. If you feel you can assist in any way, then let us know. We have quite a few vacant positions that need filling for next year – two are race critical:

  1. Registration Coordinator
  2. Timing Coordinator (can’t race – paid position)
  3. Media Coordinator
  4. Sponsorship Coordinator
  5. Secretary

To nominate, email

All positions are declared vacant and any positions that have two or more nominations will be put to a vote by club members only. It is much easier to do this if we know in advance.



FatChat episode 5 for 2015 has arrived. Well, it arrived on the 15th, but it’s been a busy time. Better late than never though!

Head over to the freshly created FatChat page – click here – to get the latest print!


The results page has also been updated with the final Giant XCO round results and the final standings for the Elite Winter Series. Please check over this and if you spot any errors or wish to offer bribes to secure your spot – email – and we’ll see what can be arranged.

Congratulations to our XC series winners – Tom Goddard and Terri Rhodes – both riders giving strong performances in every race they rode.

Prizes will be awarded at the State Champs.

AMBC Races

2015 Winter(ish) Race schedule

AMBC have allocated the winter Hammer Nutrition Enduros, Giant XCOs and AMBC State Champs some tidy race dates. Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for any changes. So get ready to lock these events into your calendar:

Hammer Nutrition 4hr Enduros:

  1. 19 Apr 2015 – Fox Creek
  2. 31 May 2015 – Prospect Hill
  3. 21 Jun 2015 – Craigburn Farm

Giant Adelaide XCOs:

  1. 02 Aug 2015 – Eagle MTB Park
  2. 13 Sep 2015 – Mt. Torrens Township
  3. 11 Oct 2015 – Craigburn Farm

AMBC State Chamionships:

  • 08 Nov 2015 – Fox Creek

All locations could change depending on a number of factors (Fire Danger rating, rained out, etc.). Make sure you keep an eye on the website and/or Facebook page for any information regarding venue changes.

Registration for all AMBC races will open at 4:00pm on the day of the previous race.

The club calendar has been updated, with links to locations and registration.

The Elite Winter Series will be on again this year. Prizes down to 10th place and awarded at the State Champs race as well (that’s the plan anyway). For last year results, check out the results page – remember their were only 4 qualifying females last year!

There will be a price increase to $30 for all AMBC races this year. The committee has made this decision based on a few factors, but primarily due to the club moving towards a streamlined registration style for the registration coordinator. There will be more on this in the near future.


GESA – Gravity Enduro (GE)

The GESA gentlemen have also been prepping themselves for the coming season. Some tentative dates have been established.

Gravity Enduro SA (website yet to be updated):

  1. 28 Jun – Cobbler Creek
  2. 26 Jul – Eagle MTB Park
  3. 30 Aug – Fox Creek
  4. 27 Sep – Mystery Round!

Any GESA related inquiries should be directed to the GESA website or GESA Facebook page – Facebook recommended. The events are managed by a separate sub-committee.

Port Adelaide Cycling Club – Cyclocross (CX)

PACC also have some tentative dates going around for their winter CX series:

  1. 24 May
  2. 05 Jul
  3. 19 Jul
  4. 16 Aug
  5. 27 Sep (State Champs)

PACC will also be hosting round 7 & 8 of the national CX round to be held on the 29/30 Aug 2015.

CX races are all held in the locality of the Adelaide park-lands and you’ll need to check the PACC CX website or their Facebook page for details as they are released.

Inside Line – Downhill (DHI)

If Downhill is your thing as well, check out InsideLines website for their 2015 race schedule – once again, any inquiries regarding downhill should be directed to InsideLine.

  1. 11-12 Apr
  2. 16-17 May
  3. 13-14 Jun
  4. 18-19 Jul
  5. 15-16 Aug
  6. 19-20 Sep
  7. 17-18 Oct (State Champs)