In 2011 AMBC became fully affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).  This allowed AMBC to be under the MTBA insurance banner.  It is therefore now required that you have a full MTBA license to enter AMBC races.  The only exception is if you purchase a $33 day license (per race).

Join the Adelaide Mountain Bike ClubYou can join AMBC through MTBA’s online membership system. Click the join box next to Adelaide MTB Club and follow the instructions from there. The cost will vary depending on your membership type.

If you already have a Cycling Australia (CA) license through a road club or a BMX Australia (BMXA) license through a BMX club then you can join MTBA through the value add pathway, saving you $$$. If you don’t have a CA license but want one, then once you are an MTBA member through AMBC you can get a CA license for considerably less than the standard price.

Please also note the following information available at MTBA:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to race with AMBC this year? I’m not a member of any other club.
A: If you plan on doing 5 or more races then the best option is to join AMBC via the online system described above. If you only race a couple of events per year you may decide to just use the $20 day licenses.

Q: I have a Cycling Australia license, what other costs are there to race with AMBC?
A: As a CA license holder (or BMXA, ADCC) you can join MTBA for the value add cost. This will allow you to race AMBC events and any other MTB events in Australia held by an MTBA affiliated club.

Q: I have a MTBA license through another MTB club (ie. Inside Line), what other costs are there to race with AMBC?
A: If you have an MTBA license through any other club you can enter and race any AMBC event and just pay the normal member entry fee.

Q: I’m not sure I will race much this year, what are my other options to race with AMBC?
A: You can still race AMBC events without being an MTBA member by using a day license. You can still register online and the additional $20 cost will be added to your race fee. Day licenses are available on the day too but remember entering on the day costs considerably more (about double the on-line price).

Q: Can I still rock up on the day of the AMBC event and register to race?
A: Basically, no (sorry!) It was found in 2012 that on-the-day registrations created too much unnecessary work for volunteers, and forcing people to register online is much better use of the already stretched volunteer resources. Online registration is easy and we leave it open right up to 10:00am the Saturday before race day. You can also subscribe to reminders via email, for registration of events.

Q: If I have a CA road license how do I get a value add MTBA license?
A: Use this link and click the ‘value add’ option when choosing a club.

Q: How do I get a “value add” road license with my MTBA membership?
A: You need to go to the CA website and download a membership form. Fill it in ticking the MTBA value add option send it to CA along with a scan of your MTBA license.

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