XCO Racing

Race dates

Head to the calendar page for entry and result links.

Race Categories & Start Times

Category ^Laps #*Wave #*
A Grade Male63
A Grade Female52
B Grade Male53
B Grade Female42
C Grade Male43
C Grade Female32
D Grade Male33
Under 19 Male53
Under 19 Female42
Under 17 Male & Female41
Under 15 Male & Female31
Under 13 Male & Female21
E-Bike Male53
E-Bike Female42
Wave 01 = 08:30AM; Wave 02 = 10:00AM; Wave 03 = 12:00PM
The club will determine wave start categories for each race based on entry numbers

^The club reserves the right to recommend a higher grade to competitors as it sees fit using previous race results. If a competitor chooses to ignore this recommendation, the competitor will not be eligible for podiums or prizes. These recommendations are made in attempt to keep racing fair and engaging for everyone.

*Lap numbers are a guide only and will be determined in line with AusCycling policy. Weather, course length and other factors may limit or increase the number of laps.

Entry fees

Rider ClassCost
Senior rider$40*
Junior rider$30*
*Valid AusCycling race license required to compete.
*Rental race plate with a transponder attached supplied.
*Race plate to be returned after each race.
Refunds for Race costs
Our refund policy for races costs can be found here.

What is XCO?

Cross Country Olympic (XCO) racing is a lap based mountain bike race that features longer climbs (2-6minutes), traversing and downhill trails.

Typically, courses are approximately 5km in length, using a range of green through to black diamond trails.

The winner is the competitor who completes the allocated number of laps and crosses the finish line first!

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