The 2019 Summer Series, 4 Hour XCM, XCO and State Champs dates are as follows:

Summer Series:

Round 103 Feb 2019Eagle MTB ParkCANCELLED
Round 203 Mar 2019Cobbler CreekResults

4 Hour XCM Series:

Round 130 Mar 2019O'Halloran HillResults
Round 214th Apr 2019Prospect HillResults
Round 326th May 2019Craigburn FarmResults

XCO Series:

Round 130th June 2019Eagle MTB ParkResults
Round 228th July 2019Craigburn FarmResults
Round 3 25th August 2019Shepherd's Hill Results

State Championships:

Standalone29 Sept 2019Fox CreekResults

Junior Dirt Skills (Click here for info):

19 May 2019O'Halloran HillFinished
23 Jun 2019Fox CreekRegistration Open
07 Jul 2019Craigburn FarmRegistration TBA
11 Aug 2019Fox CreekRegistration TBA
08 Sep 2019Craigburn FarmRegistration TBA
22 Sep 2019Cobbler CreekRegistration TBA