The 2019 Summer Series, 4 Hour XCM, XCO and State Champs dates are as follows:

Summer Series:

Round 103 Feb 2019Eagle MTB Park
Round 203 Mar 2019Cobbler Creek

4 Hour XCM Series:

Round 130 Mar 2019O'Halloran Hill
Round 214th Apr 2019Prospect Hill
Round 326th May 2019Craigburn Farm

XCO Series:

Round 130th June 2019Eagle MTB Park
Round 228th July 2019Fox Creek
Round 3 25th August 2019Shepherd's Hill

State Championships:

Standalone29 Sept 2019Fox Creek


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One of the club members shares his MTBing calendar publicly which lists most SA MTB Events and also includes a few national events.

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It is strongly advised that you check the relevant events website to confirm dates and any information regarding events listed on these calendars.

We will do our best to update these calendars in a timely manner.

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