Race Rules

Listed on this page are the generic race rules of the AMBC.  Additional rules may apply to each series of racing:

Any disputes arising from matters not covered in the clubs rules will be resolved using the MTBA Club Technical Regulations followed by the MTBA National Technical Regulations. Copies can be requested from MTBA – info@mtba.asn.au

General Race Rules

1. Safety
2. Categories
3. Competition
4. Timing
5. Refund policy

1. Safety

1.1 Every participant must wear a hard shell bicycle helmet that is fitted correctly and satisfies the current Australian Standard or equivalent during both racing. Helmets must be worn during official practice as well as during competition. All helmets must have a visible compliance sticker affixed to the helmet.  Equivalent standards are:

  • AS/NZ 2063
  • ANSI Z90.4
  • Snell “B” or “N” series
  • ASTM F-1447
  • Canadian CAN/CSA-D113.2-M
  • U.S. CPSC standard for bicycle helmets
  • European CEN standard for bicycle helmets (EN1078)

1.2 Footwear must be fully enclosed.

1.3 The ends of handlebars and any extensions must be solidly plugged to prevent injury.

1.4 Bikes must be fitted with at least one front and one rear brake, both in working order at the start of an event.

1.5 All bikes used in the mountain bike competition must be powered by human power alone.

1.6 Bikes must use a wheel on both front and back that is no bigger than 73.6 cm (29 inches).

1.7 The race director may at any time prior to, or during an event, shorten, stop or cancel the event where there is a likelihood of serious injury to competitors or bystanders, or damage to the environment. In the case of an event halted due to adverse weather conditions, results are based on the last lap completed by the leaders.

2. Categories

2.1 The following XCO categories apply. Age is determined by the age the rider is on December 31st  (in the year of competition). The Categories are open to both Men and Women.

  • A Grade (Elite)
  • B Grade (Expert)
  • C Grade (Sport A)
  • D Grade (Sport B)
  • E Grade (Sub Sport A)
  • Junior A Grade (Under 17’s and faster under 15’s)
  • Junior B Grade (Under 13’s and faster under 15’s)

2.2 The Race Director reserves the right to disallow a competitor to enter Recreation Class, Sub Sports Men, Sports A Men, Sports B Men, the Expert Men category when the competitor is considered of a higher standard.

3. Competition

3.1 All riders must be members (including day members) of the MTBA to compete. Competitors must produce their club membership and insurance cover upon request at registration.

3.2 The rider must complete the entire stage of an event on one mountain bike. Therefore, the maximum number of bikes a rider may use in an event is equal to the total number of stages in that event.

3.3 A rider can only receive Technical assistance (outside assistance) during a race under the following conditions –

3.3.1 Authorised technical assistance during a race consists of repairs to or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame. Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the finishing line with the same handle bar number plate that they had at the start.

3.3.2 Technical assistance shall only be given in the feedzones: these zones must be located in areas that are wide enough, long enough and judiciously distributed and identified on the course. The feed zone locations will be determined by the race director and will be indicated by signs.

3.3.3 Spare equipment and tools for repairs must be kept in the zones. Each rider must carry out the repairs or replace equipment themselves, without the help (physical or verbal) of any other person. Competitors are not permitted to exit the race course (i.e. to the car park) to retrieve spare equipment and tools.

3.3.4 Outside of the feedzones, technical assistance is forbidden.

3.4 Any physical contact between a rider and an outside party, other than a competitor in the same event, may be deemed as a form of Technical assistance and result in a penalty.

3.4.1 In the case of a competitor providing assistance to fellow injured competitor, this would not be considered outside assistance. In the case where a competitors lap time has been affected by providing assistance, the Race Director may, at his or her discretion, alter the overall event results to take this time into account.

3.5 Food and drink may be carried by a competitor. Glass containers of any sort can never be used by competitors during a competition. Riders can only receive food, fluid and eyewear from outside parties in the feedzone during a competition.

3.6 Competitors riding bikes have right of way over competitors pushing bikes. Competitors pushing bikes must allow right of way, and not impede competitors who are riding.

3.7 Competitors must act in a polite manner at all times and permit any faster rider to overtake without deliberately obstructing. In multi lap races slower riders must allow right of way to riders who are lapping them. The overtaking rider should indicate the side they intend passing on.

3.8 Competitors who have ridden an obstacle have right of way over competitors re-entering the course from a marked alternative line.

3.9 Short cutting the course will result in disqualification. If a rider leaves the course, they must re-enter at the same point they exited. The responsibility for following the official route lies with the competitor. Not following the official route will result in disqualification.

3.10 The course will be marked by 20 x 20cm markers. Where forward pointing markers are placed on either side of the track, this forms a gate. All competitors must pass through this gate.

3.11 Riders are not permitted to willingly alter the course in any way without first consulting with the race officials. This includes moving rocks, logs, tape, or other natural obstacles.

3.12 Foul riding or un-sporting like behaviour may be grounds for penalty, disqualification, fining or membership suspension. The penalty imposed shall be decided by the executive committee of the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club.

3.13 All appropriate laws and ordinances of the relevant jurisdictions shall be observed by all parties during participation in any event, and while at the event location.

4. Timing

4.1 Start Sequence is determined by the Race Director.

4.2. The club uses transponders to time racing. The AMBC transponder is to be positioned 100 mm from the axle up the left fork leg. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure the transponder is fixed securely. The competitor accepts that no lap will be recorded if they do not have their transponder attached to their bike at all times while racing.

4.3 Competitors must display the number supplied to them at all times during competition or whilst training on the course. The numbers must be displayed by them on the front handle bar, unless advised by the Race Director. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure the number plate is fixed correctly and is visible to the timekeepers when crossing the start/finish line.

4.4 When competitors have one lap left to complete a race, a bell may sound to indicate final lap, as they cross the line. If an event is 3 laps or less, the race director may deem the process of belling competitors as un-necessary.

4.5 Once the first competitor in a category has finished the race, all remaining competitors in the same category will be deemed to be on their final lap, and will be flagged as they cross the finish line. In this case a lapped rider will not be belled. Lapped riders will have their time recorded as on the time sheet as “1LD” (one lap down).  Competitors marked as 1LD are still considered as a finisher.

4.6 Only riders who have completed the entire lap when flagged will be recorded as one lap down. Riders who partially complete a lap when flagged will not be recorded as one lap down.

4.7 All riders who do not finish must advise the time keeper as soon as practicable that they have withdrawn from the race. These competitors will have their time recorded on the time sheet as “DNF” (did not finish).

5. Refund Policy

5.1 If notification is given before the cut-off time (usually 10am the day before the race) then a full refund will be offered.

If notification is given between the cut-off period and midnight, then a refund will be given minus a $5 fee.

Day licenses ($33) are not refundable by AMBC as they are a managed by MTBA. AMBC can only refund the race entry fees.

If notification is given on the day or any time after the race, then no refund is available.

Notification can be via email to the timekeeper, contact form or the club mobile – 0408 610 840 (please consider the time of day/night if calling).