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AMBC O’Halloran Hill 4 Hour

Join us on Saturday 30th of March for the first round of the AMBC 4 Hour Enduro Series at O’Halloran Hill, brought to you by Azur lights, Bryton GPS, Krush bikewash, SuperB tools, Hammer Nutrition, Schwalbe tyres, Squirt lube, IO Merino, Bridge Road Brewers, Mitre10 Barrow and Bench, Govita and BMCR cycles. Enjoy the flowy trails of O’Halloran in both day and night with the Twilight format!

Enduro races can be completed Solo, or as a Duo (team of two, relay style). This allows for riders of all skills and abilities to get involved and challenge themselves accordingly!

(Registration will CLOSE at 3pm on Friday 29th March)
Self seeding grades apply for these races:
A Female
A Male
B Female
B Male
C Female
C Male
D Male
Solo Junior (15-17yo)
Junior A Duo (11-17)
Junior B Duo (11-17)
Duo Male
Duo Female
Duo Mixed
Confused about how enduro racing works? Read the enduro info page – click here
We highly encourage junior riders of all abilities and above age 11 to join our races. For all enquiries regarding junior riders please email or read the juniors page for further information – click here
8:00 PM FINISH – No new laps to start after this time (4 hours from start)
Length: 8.6km
Elevation: 180m gain
The course will use trails in the O’Halloran Hill network.
The course map is available by clicking here.
Lap time: aprox. 40 minutes for elite riders.
Times may vary significantly due to track conditions.
Vehicle access and competitor parking for this event is via Seacombe Rd and Braeside Avenue/Morphett Road as race per map.
Parking will be directed on race day.
The gate to the park will close at 2pm after the race.
We need you. These races happen with the good work done by our vollies. If you are available to help set up or pack up or assist with anything else please get in touch with Aurelia Strozik via email:
It is cheaper to race as a club member. To join or renew visit the MTBA website and select Adelaide Mountain Bike Club as your club: MTBA Membership page
Information about the location can be found at TrailForks
If you have any questions, please use the contact form or email the relevant committee email address.
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General News

2018 Race Director

I am announcing that I will not be continuing as Race Director with AMBC next year (2018). It goes without saying that this position is vital to ensure continued racing. A brief summary of the positions duties are as follows:

  • Applying for trail access requests;
  • Course preparation;
  • Distributing course maps and GPX files;
  • Ensuring logistics are organised – toilet, catering, first aid, etc.
  • Course marking and HQ set up;
  • Course and HQ pack down;
  • On the day race directing;

It goes without saying that these duties can be shared across people (and often are), but these are the primary duties that fall on the Race Directors shoulders.

I will be informally hanging around in the background to offer assistance and advice where and if required. There are also a number of committee members who are able to help and guide if required.

If you’d like to know further, feel free to contact or come and have a chat with me at the State Champs!

P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott

AMBC Races

Enduro Round2 Craigburn results now up!

The results page has been updated – click here – in ye ‘ol faithful PDF format.

The next race is a 4 hour enduro at Fox Creek on 25th June 2017. Course map will hopefully be out this weekend with a GPS file to follow suit.

Registration is available – click here

AMBC Races

Craigburn 4 Hour Enduro this SUNDAY!!

Welcome to the click here post – aptly timed in the face of internet security!

Course map has been released (quite a while ago on Facebook – the websites arch enemy!):170520-Craigburn-course-map

Download link – click here

A course GPX file is available to download – click here

Entry is available until 10am this Saturday- click here

We revert back to the “traditional” AMBC Enduro rules (as opposed to the 8 hour rules). This means any lap started before the cut off time (4 hours) and finished after still counts. A full read of the rules is available on the clubs website – click here – and remember that these rules compliment MTBAs rider etiquette rules and race rules (which you agree to abide to when you sign onto your license – day, trial or annual) SO BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!

AMBC Races

Prospect Hill Easter Sunday 8 Hour enduro

That’s right – Easter Sunday means you can be hunting eggs while riding your bike around MTB trails for 8 hours. Do it solo, in pairs or a team of 4 (“quad”).

Registration is available – click here

What are the basics? Glad you asked!

  • Sign on, start, finish, set up and pack up?
    • Set up will be occurring on Sat 15th April – volunteers welcome. Pre-course ride to occur after setup;
    • Registration will open at 11am for the main event;
    • Start time – 12:00 (midday);
    • Finish time – 20:00 (8pm) – no laps counted after this!
    • Presentation will start at aprox. 20:15-20:20
    • Pack up will occur the following day – volunteers welcome. Post race banter will occur.
  • Categories (take a breath, this is a long list!). Registration is available from this link starting 06 Mar @ 06:00.
    1. Elite – $40.00pp
      1. Male
      2. Female
    2. Solo – $40.00pp
      1. Male
      2. Female
    3. Solo 40+ – $40.00pp
      1. Male
      2. Female
    4. Duo – $25.00pp ($50.00 a team)
      1. Male
      2. Female
      3. Mixed
    5. Team of 4 – $15.00pp ($60.00 a team)
      1. Male
      2. Female
      3. Mixed
      4. Junior (U15) – $10.00pp ($40.00 a team)
      5. Junior (U13 – 4 hr short course) – $10.00pp ($40.00 a team)
  • Light requirements:
    • Lights will be required for any competitor starting a lap after 17:30.
    • Defining a light? You must have:
      • One red rear and one white front light.
      • The rear light should be on solid and does not need to blind people 50km away enjoying the sofa at home.
      • The front light should be bright enough for you to feel comfortable riding through a pine forest at night. If it can blind the person 50km away enjoying the sofa I suppose we’ll get one more angry spectator!
    • Don’t have lights? Ask around – you never know who might have some spare sets laying around.

Juniors – if you’re looking to join a team then get in contact with the Junior Coordinators – – and get chatting. A breakdown of the Junior categories:

  • Solo Juniors, full course – must be 16 years of age in 2017 – born in 2001 and before;
  • U15 teams teams of 4, full course – born in 2003 & 2004;
  • U13 teams teams of 4 – born in 2005 & 2006 – racing on a short course (aprox. 4-5kms) for 4 hours.

There is also an option to register individual juniors and be teamed up on the day. If you are choosing this option please notify so that we can be prepared on the day. Select the option “Junior individual team entry” when registering.

Picture of the proposed race track is below. A GPX file is available – click here

Prospect Hill 2017 XC Enduro 8 hour proposed

If you have any questions, feel free to email for more information.