2020 AMBC XCO Series

Join us on 26th July and 30 August 2020 for the long awaited return to MTB racing in Adelaide. We are now looking to follow the calendar as proposed earlier in the year.

COVID restrictions: Please read this!

ONLINE REGISTRATION – no on the day entries

(ONLY OPEN on the 23rd-25th of July – entry closes at 3pm on the Saturday before!)

Eagle Rego: https://online.mtba.org.au/ERegister.aspx?E=7811

Kinchina Rego: https://online.mtba.org.au/ERegister.aspx?E=7812

RACE DETAILS- *subject to change pending COVID restrictions*

8:15am: SIGN ON


10.30am: PRESENTATION (early grades) (approximate time)


CATEGORIES/START WAVES: * Subject to change with COVID restrictions**

Self seeded, ability based categories for XC racing.

A Grade Men: 6 laps

B Grade Men / A Grade Women: 5 laps

C Grade Men / B Grade Women: 4 Laps

D Grade Men 3 laps / New! C Grade Women: 3 laps

Junior A: 3 Laps

Junior B: 2 Laps

(*All Junior races to be cancelled if forecast for 34deg or over)

(**All lap counts are subject to change at any time at the race director’s discretion. All entrants will be notified.)


** Suggested laps per grade based on a 15 minute Elite (A Grade) lap time. This is a guide only and the number of laps is variable due to different venues and different track conditions.


Parking will be directed on race day or notified prior to event.

Follow signage. Please make sure you exit before our committee, otherwise your car will be locked in!


Please be mindful that Anstey Hill RP and Kinchina CP are popular park for walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and dog owners. They also house significant conservation value. Be respectful to the park and it’s users and represent MTB’ers sensibly!


Course will be set up the day before. If anyone can help please get in touch with the club at racevolunteers@ambc.asn.au


We need you. These races happen with the good work done by our vollies. If you are available to help set up or pack up or assist with anything else please get in touch with Aurelia Strozik via email: racevolunteers@ambc.asn.au


It is cheaper to race as a club member. To join or renew visit the MTBA website and select Adelaide Mountain Bike Club as your club:https://www.mtba.asn.au/membership/

FREE once-off 8 week trial MTBA memberships are available on the above link.


Information about the location can be found in our trails index http://ambc.asn.au/trails/index/, and an interactive map at

Eagle Park: https://www.trailforks.com/region/eagle-mountain-bike-park/

Kinchina: https://www.trailforks.com/region/kinchina-conservation-park-22232/

If you have any questions, feel free to email 2020committee@ambc.asn.au for more information!

COVID-19 and AMBC events

Announcement regarding AMBC events and COVID-19.

Yesterday the club committee unanimously voted to suspend races for the foreseeable future in line with current government best practices and to enable effective social distancing.

This means that the event scheduled for O’Halloran Hill on 28 March is cancelled. Full refunds will be processed for those who have already entered.

This was not an easy decision to make and the committee did attempt to consider all practical risk mitigation measures. This decision is a cancellation, not a postponement as there are already many events to compete with later in the year. The committee understands that this may frustrate some members but this is a bigger situation than any of us have ever dealt with before.
Stay safe.
Keep riding.

We’ll be reviewing the situation prior to the planned Prospect Hill and Craigburn Farm events but expect the current situation to continue.

We are trying to create some value for members and sponsors so stay tuned for some planned fun competitions.

The Pres

AMBC Statement – Fox Creek Bushfire Recovery

Please read and share.

As many of you would be aware, on December 20 2019, the Adelaide Hills community was devastated by bushfire.

Our thoughts continue to be with those who have been affected.

Since the fire ground was declared extinguished, AMBC has been in close contact with Forestry SA to offer assistance where we can.

While it is still unsafe for volunteers to assist in the recovery, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we ask that everyone remains patient.

The club has secured a $10,000 grant from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing to assist sporting clubs whose facilities were impacted by fires. This grant will be donated to the Forestry SA fire recovery project manager to help cover the costs of immediate works and future planning as part of the recovery effort.

Please remember that the park is still closed.

We will continue to engage with Forestry and will let AMBC members know when there are opportunities to assist.

Forestry have issued the following statement:

Due to the potential of falling trees and branches, the area is unsafe for public visitation.
Sections of the Heysen and Mawson Trails which pass through this area of forest are also closed until further notice. ForestrySA will work with trail managers to identify and establish temporary re-routes where possible.

ForestrySA acknowledges temporary closure of the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve, trails and mountain bike precinct is causing significant impact on visitor access. As a result, work is underway with South Australian Government agencies, Bike SA, mountain bike clubs and community groups to develop a workable recovery and operational plan for the area.

This will involve clearance of fallen vegetation debris from bike trails, salvage of plantation timber, installation of warning signage and fence repairs, identification and removal of dangerous trees and remarking of mountain bike trails to help make the area safe again.

While it could take 6-12 months before these trails can reopen for public use, ForestrySA is committed to exploring new bike and forest use opportunities as a means of boosting forest visitation opportunities.
Rehabilitation of the bushfire landscape will take many years. Native vegetation will likely recover in time through natural regeneration and careful weed management. Recovery will be monitored to assess the need for supplementary planting of native species.

Further updates on the recovery plan will be provided as on-ground works progress. For your own safety, do not enter fire-affected forest areas. For more information and continuing updates visit www.forestrysa.com.au, call us on (08) 8391 8800, or email recreation@forestrysa.com.au.

Photo: James Anderson


The sport of cycling is facing a major crossroad in the governing and management across Australia. Currently 19 independent governing bodies facilitate cycling in Australia, each with their own financial models. Our National Sports funding body has recognised the inefficiency in the current model, suggesting that it may reduce or cut funding to the current system, recommending a proposal to merge all cycling bodies as ‘AusCycling’.

All three major national bodies, MTBA, Cycling Australia (CA) & BMX Australia (BMXA), along with all State Federations (both CA & BMXA have 8 state bodies each) have the opportunity to dissolve their resources into a collaborative organisation which merges the governing and management of all cycling disciplines and increases member benefits. MTBA will be stripped of NSO status if the AusCycling merge does not proceed, disabling the recognition of Mountain biking in Australia.

A vote by all 19 bodies is being conducted as we speak, however as an MTBA affiliate members of AMBC are highly recommended to vote via proxy through MTBA or by attending the AGM in the Gold Coast.

Despite the effects of this vote seeming far reached, the implications for riders of all ages, at all levels and across all disciplines are massive. Every vote counts, so take the time to weigh in on a proper vote for the future of this excellent sport.

AMBC fully supports the OneCycling merge and recommends that members of our club vote in favour of the formation of a unified entity for cycling governance.

As an MTBA member, you may have noticed a few emails with lots of information in your inbox recently. Here is a short list of the best documents you can read to get you informed.

  1. MTBA- Open letter to MTBA members
  2. MTBA- Summary of implications from a YES or NO vote
  3. MTBA- Explanation Notices of Auscycling special resolution
  4. MTBA – Voting form

How do you vote? Unless you’re keen on a trip to the Gold Coast while attending, you will need to do a proxy vote form if you want your say on the AusCycling merge. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download this voting form.
  2. Print it, fill it out and sign it by hand
  3. Scan it, or take a photo
  4. Email the completed copy to secretary@mtba.org.au

Forms must be sent before 11:00am (AEST) Thursday 28 November 2019.

The vote will occur at the MTBA AGM, which is scheduled for 11am AEST on Saturday November 30, 2019.

More info can be found at http://auscycling.com.au/

Official Communique – SA State XCO Championships

Information about traffic delays,  call up, passing, tech/feed zone, food/drink, national cup points, lap counts and start list are contained.

1.0 Swamp Road Delays/Closures. Participants should be warned of Traffic Delays along Swamp road between Greenhill Road and Lenswood due to a road cycling event.
Choose another route to the event to avoid significant delays piror to and throughout the entire duration of AMBC’s event.

1.1  Call up. Participants must be present at the Start line at least 10 minutes prior to start.

1.2 Passing. Please remember to share the track safely and respectfully with all other riders. Choose a safe place to pass, as well as warn the person what side you will pass on. Slower or lapped riders must not interfere with the race.

1.3 Tech and Feed Zone. Tech and feed support is availible in the tech and feed zone. Outsider assistance beyond this point is not permitted. Riders who suffer mechanicals must complete their lap or register a DNF with timing if irreparable.

1.4 Food and drink. AMBC is hosting a BBQ and Beer fest with a great selection of foods for all.

1.5 National cup points are available at this race, all MTBA technical regulations apply.

1.6 Lap Counts

9.30am start – ALL womens and juniors grades, MMast7.
11.30am start – All mens grades.

Elite women 4
Elite men 6
Open women* 3
Open men 4
U23 Women 4
U23 Men 5
Masters 1 & 2 Women 3
Masters 1 & 2 Men 4
Masters 3 & 4 Women 3
Masters 3 & 4 Men 4
Masters 5 & 6 Women 3
Masters 5 & 6 Men 4
Masters 7+ Women 2
Masters 7+ Men 4
U19 Women 3
U19 Men 4
U17 Women 3
U17 Men 4
U15 Women 2
U15 Men 3
Singlespeed Women 3
Singlespeed Men 4
U13 Women 2
U13 Men 2

All lap counts are subject to change without notification. Lap count will be notified at call up.

1.7 Start List

Please find start list document https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-rtrnN9mb2sd2hFc0xDQXhBeGQ3MzR4VTBiN3dpRk9HZnk4/view?usp=sharing

Thanks to all sponsors and volunteers for making this race possible. Happy and safe racing.