Trail care, Masters games and request for pics!

Probably the busiest 3 weeks I’ve seen in a while for getting info out to everyone!

So here’s a bit of a 3 in one hit out.

Firstly – The Australian Masters Games. Those wonderful games that allow you the perception of racing against those of equal ability because they’re vaguely in your age bracket – over 30(ish). Anyway, early bird entries close up for these games THIS FRIDAY. So if you’re a sure fire entrant, get on board and enter here.

AMBC is proudly hosting the MTB component of the Masters Games at Craigburn. That means you’ll get all the familiar heckling that you’re used to – so long as they give me the microphone and timing goes smoothly (what could possibly go wrong?)

5 days to go - social

Well……5ish days to go……but, IT’S A PANDA! Those suits are so hot right now!

Secondly – Trail care. That thing that people do that allow others to do awesome stuff. These groups are the back bone of MTBing because without them, well, the trails would be pretty average.

Prospect Hill Trail care group recently received a donation of tools from AMBC and Trailscapes (thanks for the deal and the hard yard in R&D on the tools!). They were immediately put to use – fixing up the “new climbing trail” that has appeared.

“Rake Bake” and the “Half Bake”

Fox Creek XC Track Maintenance group continuing there reputation for hosting trail days on race days were out on the trails building and grooming “Climbing Ivy”. Look forward to it!

Nice ‘n tight corners!

Cobbler Creek Trail Maintenance group look to have established a great relationship with the local ranger – Meryl Jenkins – who will be hosting a trail care info day at Cobbler Creek on 23rd Aug. For more information, contact Gawler Natural Resource office on 8523 7700.

If you ever find yourself sitting around because you get bored of racing, make sure you give something back – hit these groups and get out and have a dig.

FINALLY – apparently there were a few photographers out on Sunday at the race. I’ve only got pics from one of them. So if you’re one of the other photographers, hit up and we can publish/link to/display/etc. your photos through our media streams.

There’s a chatter of fatness rolling out soon as well, so expect this week to be informative and laughy.

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Giant XCO Round 1 results


Results are up! Check out the results page

Let know if you spot an error.

Well done to everyone who rolled out to help out and/or race.

Next race is on 13 Sep 2015 @ Mt. Torrens and entries are open.

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Limited edition phone reminder!

Have you registered for Sundays race yet?

If not, don’t forget that entries close at 10am tomorrow morning.

If you’re having issues with registering, send an email to and we can sort something out.

Don’t forget that set up starts at 9am tomorrow morning – email

Andy “Goggles” Duncan will be hosting a juniors pre-ride at 10:30am – email

Volunteers are always welcome on the day, if you’d like to let us know you’ll be available – email

This post proudly powered by mobile phone data! Hence the lack of formatting.

See you up there.

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First round: Giant XCO


SURPRISE! It’s this weekend!

Adelaide MTB Club and Giant Bicycles Adelaide present Round 1 of the Olympic Cross Country MTB race series (aka – lap racing). To be held at the prestigious, multi purpose, purpose built and all round good Eagle MTB Park.

Parking will be on the Mezzanine area. Enter off the old freeway. Race start will, funnily enough, be from the mezzanine area.

Remember that to qualify for the Elite winter series, you need to race in at least two Giant XCO rounds to qualify for the cold, hard cash prizes!

Some points to remember for the XCO races:

FORMAT: You get to ride around following arrows as fast you can for a set number of laps. The human form that completes the number of laps the fastest is deemed the winner.

Chocolate is known to help with getting in good with the timekeeper and race officials. Volunteering works the best.

Start times: We change to a split start time for certain grades. Make sure you know when you’re sign on and start times are for your relevant grade of racing.

In brief:

B-Female, D, E and Junior Grades:

SIGN-ON from 08:30

RACE @ 09:30

Elite Male/Female, B and C Grades:

SIGN-ON from 10:30

RACE @ 11:30

LAPS – that’s right, LAPS! Cascading 6 through to 2, we’ve got laps for everyone!

Remember that laps are subject to change on the day depending on the number of unicorns that enter, alignment of Pluto and the square root of my belly button fluff. This equation changes from race to race.

Click here! for the full, pretty grid style information.

VOLUNTEERS – as always, we’re looking for volunteers to reward with ice cold refreshing drinks (in this weather, no ice required), freshly cooked onions with a side of bread and sausage AND a free transferable race entry. If you think you’d fit these awesome rewards, hit up to register.

What are we after? Glad you asked:

  • Track set up – can’t race without some well placed arrows.

Starting at 9:00am on Saturday 01st Aug 2015 – email
 to register your interest/attendance.


  • BBQ cookers – flip a snag, cut some onions and try not to cry to much.
  • Track pack up – always seeking those keen MTBers to complete one final lap.
  • Registration – issue and receive the timekeepers prized possessions
  • MCing – if you can yell into a mic well and make people laugh more than cringe, you’ll be better than PT (it’s OK, I’m allowed to insult myself).

JUNIORS RIDE/SKILL SESSION: Andy “Goggles” Duncan will be hosting a juniors skills/ride session from 10:30am on Saturday 01st Aug 2015. Please shoot an email at to register your interest.

Glad you’ve mad it this far. Your reward – a race map! ENJOY!

Eagle XCO 2015

If you’ve got questions and have read through the XCO Series info page and still can’t figure out how Deep Thought got to 42, shoot an email to and we’ll see if we can figure something out – as the time keeper I have access to variable constants such as belly button fluff mass.

If all else fails – click through these links, I’m sure one of them will be useful*:

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*Some of these links may not be useful to everyone

Mid year FatChat


Hold on to your socks ladies and gentlemen, the latest epsiode of FatChat has just popped in. After gallivanting around the northern reaches of the state and brushing into the NT, Chelsea returned and dedicated herself to producing this issue – after eating a tub of ice cream and socialising, etc.

Low res – best for mobile and slow Internet

Hi res – to get the best of the pictures

What’s coming up? Well, a brief summary:

This weekend sees many of SAs CX riders head over to Canberra for rounds 5 & 6 of the national CX series – might not be as wet as here, but I’d wager it’s as cold! Good luck to everyone competing and I’m sure the SA crew will put in some strong results! I believe, but I’m not sure, that results will be posted on or around this page. At some point.

19th Jul – Next weekend sees the 3rd round of PACCs CX series somewhere in the parklands of Adelaide. Make sure you come along and see if you can top Andrew and Davids efforts on noise production and entertainment for the Elite grades! Click here for more info

David and Andrew providing noise and entertainment

David and Andrew providing noise and entertainment Photo courtesy of Tim Loft

26th Jul- The following weekend sees the 2nd Round of the GESA series head up to Eagle MTB Park with 6 stages planned for the elites, this should be a true test of the “enduro” part of GESA! For more info head over to the GESA website – click here

2nd Aug – Then we get to the first round of the Giant Adelaide XCO series which follows on from GESA at Eagle MTB Park. Eagle has always been a great race track and with its locality to Adelaide is a brilliant chance to get involved in the XCO scene. Grades for everyone! Check out the links below for more info!

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