National round survey for club members


By now every club member – of AMBC – should have received an email with a short message and link to a a questionnaire about hosting a 2016 National round.

If you haven’t received this email, first check that your MTBA membership states you’re an AMBC member (you maybe Inside Line or PACC, etc.). If you are an AMBC member and haven’t received the email, and would like to complete the survey – 4 quick questions and a “tell us your dreams” section – then email and we’ll sort you out.

If you don’t provide your name, your response will not be counted as we are only including AMBC club members in the response – it is their club after all!

The survey will remain open until Friday 28th August.


Don’t forget that Over The Edge Melrose have the 18 Hours of Melrose fast approaching on 4th and 5th of September. Come and join the AMBC timekeeper and help him stay awake for the event as well as enjoying a great weekend away and an awesome event that leaves you fresh for work Monday!


PACC host the upcoming National CX Round. Make sure you come out and help #makecrossweird – Photo compliments of TTK Photos.



The next round of the AMBC Giant XCO series is on 13th September at Mt. Torrens (Dazzle Land). This is a private property course, so is not available for riding at any other time – so make sure you take this opportunity to get on the trails!

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This weekend on the dirt?

This little ol’ weekend? What could’ve possibly happened this weekend…..well…..

Aurelia Strozik manages to hold onto the MTBA marathon veterans leaders jersey taking out the Convict 100 in 6hrs 10sec.

A “little” further South and what looks like half of SA’s CX riders swarmed into essendon to have a solid crack at all the categories.

Plenty of well placed individuals in the results. Speaks world’s of the quality of racing that PACC are putting on locally – thanks peeps!

Here’s SA’s finest:

Elite Women
3. Therese RHODES
10. Natalie REDMOND
12. Stacey RIEDEL

Elite Men
4. Shaun LEWIS

Under 23 Men
3. Jack HOGAN

Masters Women 1
2. Catherine YATES

Masters Men 1

Masters Men 2
1. Adrian SCOTT
2. Joshua SMITH
dnf Paul BLACK

Masters Women 3
2. Gemma KERNICH

Masters Men 3
13. David MILLER

Masters Men 4
1. Ollie KLEIN
7. Evan JAMES

Masters Men 7

B Grade Men
16. Paul BLACK

B Grade Women
1. CatherineSeel YATES

Full results available from this link – click here (not AMBC)

Well done to all – even if you just gave it a red hot go and dnf’d – still better than my couch surfing arms this weekend!

Back home next weekend we’ve got Downhilling with InsideLine and Cyclocross with PACC – plenty of excuse to get out of the house and #makecrossweird

AMBCs next race is the 13th Sep – the weekend after OTEs 6/18 Hours of Melrose.

See you on the trails!

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This weekends UCI World Cup DHI track preview

Fatchat! and Melrose!

OTEwords logo

Latest edition of Fatchat! is available – See if you can find the common element on each page……….

August Fatchat High resolution

August Fatchat Low resolution

Events wise there’s a little bit happening this weekend. Many local SA riders are off to Melbourne to hurl their CX bikes over barriers and leave tasteful, hypnotic tyre marks in the soil – I think we’ve figured out a new crop circle method!

Round and round we go!

A few other SA folk are off to chase the 100 or so Convicts that got let out in St. Albans, NSW. Good luck to rounding them up swiftly and without punctures.

Looking to the future? Well, if you haven’t planned for 4/5 September, here’s a little something that might perk your interest – 6/18 Hours of Melrose hosted by Over The Edge (club sponsor). A fun event that is organised by some of the best reasons MTBers get called “a bit weird”. The weekend away is guaranteed to entertain and if you get bored of the entertainment, Melrose has plentiful amounts of singletrack to distract you.

Next club race is at Mt. Torrens on 13th Sep. Check the links below for all your info.

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What do you call a thieving duck? A robber duck!

Trail care, Masters games and request for pics!

Probably the busiest 3 weeks I’ve seen in a while for getting info out to everyone!

So here’s a bit of a 3 in one hit out.

Firstly – The Australian Masters Games. Those wonderful games that allow you the perception of racing against those of equal ability because they’re vaguely in your age bracket – over 30(ish). Anyway, early bird entries close up for these games THIS FRIDAY. So if you’re a sure fire entrant, get on board and enter here.

AMBC is proudly hosting the MTB component of the Masters Games at Craigburn. That means you’ll get all the familiar heckling that you’re used to – so long as they give me the microphone and timing goes smoothly (what could possibly go wrong?)

5 days to go - social

Well……5ish days to go……but, IT’S A PANDA! Those suits are so hot right now!

Secondly – Trail care. That thing that people do that allow others to do awesome stuff. These groups are the back bone of MTBing because without them, well, the trails would be pretty average.

Prospect Hill Trail care group recently received a donation of tools from AMBC and Trailscapes (thanks for the deal and the hard yard in R&D on the tools!). They were immediately put to use – fixing up the “new climbing trail” that has appeared.

“Rake Bake” and the “Half Bake”

Fox Creek XC Track Maintenance group continuing there reputation for hosting trail days on race days were out on the trails building and grooming “Climbing Ivy”. Look forward to it!

Nice ‘n tight corners!

Cobbler Creek Trail Maintenance group look to have established a great relationship with the local ranger – Meryl Jenkins – who will be hosting a trail care info day at Cobbler Creek on 23rd Aug. For more information, contact Gawler Natural Resource office on 8523 7700.

If you ever find yourself sitting around because you get bored of racing, make sure you give something back – hit these groups and get out and have a dig.

FINALLY – apparently there were a few photographers out on Sunday at the race. I’ve only got pics from one of them. So if you’re one of the other photographers, hit up and we can publish/link to/display/etc. your photos through our media streams.

There’s a chatter of fatness rolling out soon as well, so expect this week to be informative and laughy.

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Giant XCO Round 1 results


Results are up! Check out the results page

Let know if you spot an error.

Well done to everyone who rolled out to help out and/or race.

Next race is on 13 Sep 2015 @ Mt. Torrens and entries are open.

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