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Summer Series Round 2 results

Results are up on the results page – click here

Massive thanks to all the volunteers who rolled up to help out.

Big mention to Richard Bates who stopped to assist another rider – your 5 minute bonus has been applied – looks like you lost a few more considering your lap times!

The next race is a twilight race and you will need lights for it:

  • Front light – white, must be able to see the trail with it
  • Rear light – red light, solid illumination (no-flash – it’s distracting).

We’ll be starting just before sunset and racing through so you can watch the sunset at threshold heart rate. Being held at O’Halloran Hill, it should provide for some spectacular views.

Entry to the race location is off Majors Rd, opposite the fire station (ish):


Registration is open and links are available just below….

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Next committee meeting is Mon 29 Feb @ 18:30 @ The Wakefield Hotel

AMBC Races

Summer Series Round 2 start time

A very late and brief reminder that the start time for this race has been brought forward to 9am.

Sign on will be available from 8:15am.

If you have any queries, forward them to

See you tomorrow morning!

AMBC Races

Summer series round 1 results

Have been released. Check the results page for more the link – click here

Allocated transponders from the higher end to make sure all of them worked, and some didn’t. So if you’re times are a bit skewed that could be why. If you think I’ve short changed you some sheep from your sheep station because of this, let me know – – and we’ll discuss the current value of ewes’.

Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted with setting up and packing down of the HQ and course.

Next race is at Eagle MTB Park and entries are open, check the links below.

We’re already looking at moving the start time forward to 09:00am again to beat the heat and be finished nice ‘n’ early in order to hit the beach sooner. Stay tuned for more information and confirmation of start times (now that I’ve mentioned it, it’ll rain).

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AMBC Races

Start list and course modification

Start list for tomorrows Summer series race is available here

Due to a technical glitch the registration system didn’t catch In Case of Emergency details. All competitors will be required to provide these details at sign on. Please be prepared as we won’t issue race plates or transponders until these details are received.

After consultation and consideration the course has been modified. Instead of heading down DH3, the course will now be heading down DH1 – a less technical course that is more suitable to the summer series format, i.e. all grades on course at the same time.

Volunteers for tomorrow – if you can volunteer tomorrow to help with:

  1. Registration – help make sure people get the right race plate and transponder
  2. Course set up – starting bright and early at 06:30am
  3. Course pack up – it’s only one more lap…..
  4. Gate Commander – we need someone on the gate to ensure that it is closed after each vehicle enters.

Email and let them know.

The core setup group will be on site from 06:30am with registration opening at 08:15am and race start at 09:00am. Racing should be concluded by 10:30am at the latest and everyone should be out of the gate by 11:00am. Make sure you’re out before the timing van leaves otherwise you’ll have to ring the park rangers to come and let you out and they’re at least an expensive carton of fine import beer in value.

See you all tomorrow!

AMBC Races

Summer Series Round 4 final reminder

Don’t forget to register for the final round by 10am tomorrow (Saturday) – click here

The race is in the top section of Eagle MTB Park and parking will be around this area. If you’re driving up, enter off the old free-way (Mt. Barker Rd) and follow the main fire road all the way through to the other side – you’ll see a bunch of us standing around looking important.

If you’re riding up – you can enter from either side. You are also awesome. Because riding rocks. I should know, I do it.

The course is a good one. Great lead in to the winter series of races. Typical Eagle MTB Park surfaces – pro tip (well, I’m almost pro) = a Maxxis Ardent up front was/is probably not the right tyre choice, but it did make do for a couple of practice laps.

For those who are wondering, the club is changing the way we do registrations. As a result there is no option for a race pack. More info on this will be given later, but for now, know that it is not a glitch – you do not need to purchase a race pack for the day.

I think this is in the race as well. Everyone should at least try to ride it……logs are FUN! Just ask Ren and Stimpy –

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