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Summer Series Round 4 final reminder

Don’t forget to register for the final round by 10am tomorrow (Saturday) – click here

The race is in the top section of Eagle MTB Park and parking will be around this area. If you’re driving up, enter off the old free-way (Mt. Barker Rd) and follow the main fire road all the way through to the other side – you’ll see a bunch of us standing around looking important.

If you’re riding up – you can enter from either side. You are also awesome. Because riding rocks. I should know, I do it.

The course is a good one. Great lead in to the winter series of races. Typical Eagle MTB Park surfaces – pro tip (well, I’m almost pro) = a Maxxis Ardent up front was/is probably not the right tyre choice, but it did make do for a couple of practice laps.

For those who are wondering, the club is changing the way we do registrations. As a result there is no option for a race pack. More info on this will be given later, but for now, know that it is not a glitch – you do not need to purchase a race pack for the day.

I think this is in the race as well. Everyone should at least try to ride it……logs are FUN! Just ask Ren and Stimpy –

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