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Wanted: Media Coordinator and Timers

Evan James has finally managed to find a good excuse to part from the club – he’s succesfully gained employment with MTBA as the Junior Development Coordinator. Evan has been a committee member with AMBC for the last 8 years, heavily involved as Race Director for most of those years. Last year he switched to the Media Coordinator position and took charge of the clubs Facebook page.

AMBC would like to thank Evan for his dedication in assisting the club throughout the years and we look forward to working with him in his new role as the Junior Development Coordinator for MTBA.

As a result, the Media Coordinator position is up for grabs. If you feel you’ve got the lingo to handle the clubs website posts (in collusion with P’An-Tau), Facebook page and the Instagram account – shoot an email to The technical side of the website is handled by Tom Bamman, so you only need to know how to “make words awesome” to full-fill this role.

The other position the club is looking to build on is on the day race timers. There’s ample information on this page, but basically we are looking for people to watch the timing computer while the race is on. If you think you can perform this role, please email and we can sort out a suitable training time.

General News

AMBC Annual General Meeting – 02 Dec 2013

The club AGM will be held on Monday 02 Dec 2013 from 6pm for a 7pm start, held at The Hackney Hotel, 95 Hackney Road, Hackney. If you are intending on ordering a meal, (restricted a la carte menu with mains between $18-$22) please send an RSVP to Numbers need to be provided to the hotel by 25th November so please indicate if you will be purchasing a meal as soon as possible.

The AGM is an important event in the eyes of the club. The meeting begins with the presentation of the Clubs financial report and President report.  All committee positions are then declared vacant and members are given the opportunity to stand for positions. The positions are as follows –

President – Vacant
Secretary – Vacant
Treasurer – Scott Keneally has offered to stand for this position in 2014
1. Race Director – David Knight has offered to stand for this position
2. Sponsorship – John Allison has offered to stand for this position in 2014
3. Trails Officer – Malcolm Robertson has offered to stand for this position – with assistance from new members in local council areas
4. Volunteer Co-Ordinator – Vacant
5. Juniors development co-ordinator – Vacant
6. Timing and Registration 1 – P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott has offered to stand for this position
7. Media Co-ordinator – Vacant – NEW POSITION
GESA Race Director – Vacant
GESA Timing and registration – Dan Morgan has offered to stand for this position

Role descriptions are available here.

If any member wishes to stand for any position, then they are encouraged to let the club know either prior to, or on the night of the AGM. If more than one member steps forward for a single position, then it will be resolved with a slow bike race across a grass strip of approximately 20 metres*

Having a complete committee ensures that races can continue to happen whilst maintaining lower workloads on each individual committee member. There is great support from existing and previous committee members.

After all the exciting official talk, the night will flow into the less exciting PRIZE GIVING!

We will start by presenting the winners of the 2013 Giant State Championships with their personally engraved medals and trophies and follow up with the series winners for the Giant XCO Series (available here – Championship Table). After that, we’ll draw out the tension with some random and/or amusing prizes, followed by the draw for the major prize –Giant Anthem 27.5 1 – proudly provided by Giant Cycling World Adelaide. Remember that you have to be there to win it!

The AGM Agenda can be found here – 2013 AGM Agenda
The 2012 AGM Minutes can be found here – 2012 AGM Minutes
The Minutes from the last committee meeting can be found here – 20131104-ambc-minutes

Any questions can be directed at the relevant current committee member on the contacts page.

*Slow bike race may not happen. Jousting sticks may be used if the race does go ahead. The club will most likely accept all members offers for assistance in the one roll and the club can simply have 6 presidents**

** There will not be more than 1 club president at any one time

General News

Reminder – Last event for the year, AGM and presentation night

Dont forget that the AMBC Annual General Meeting is to be held on Monday 26 November 2012.
Venue: Hackney Hotel (meals and drinks will be available)
Time: 6pm sharp

There are some formalities before we get into the presentation of prizes to the winners of the Giant Adelaide 2012 XCO Series points table. Please RSVP to Louise so that we have an idea of numbers.

The AGM is a fundamental part of the Club year.  At the AGM all Committee positions are declared vacant and up for election. It is critical to the success of your Club and its races to have a strong committee to continue to run events.

To give everyone an idea of what positions are available the Club Role Descriptions are here, including more than just committee positions. If you are interested in nominating for a committee position, or filling one of the other roles, please contact the Club


General News

AMBC AGM and Presentation Night: Monday 26 Nov 2012.


This is to announce the AMBC Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday 26 November 2012.

Venue: Hackney Hotel (meals and drinks will be available)
Time: 6pm sharp

There are some formalities before we get into the annoucement of the winners of the Giant Adelaide 2012 XCO Series points table, and presentations of the trophies for the State XCO MTB Championships. Please RSVP to Louise so that we have an idea of numbers.

The AGM is a fundamental part of the Club year.  At the AGM all Committee positions are declared vacant and up for election.

Although I have had a great time this year (and in previous years being part of the committee), it is time to hand the control of our club to someone else.  I am not standing for President or any other committee position.

The committee has the following positions (although some may do dual roles):

Volunteer Co-ordinator
Race Director
Juniors Officer
Sponsorship Officer
Timing Official
Trails Officer

At this stage, four people have indicated that they will stand for committee positions as follows:

Malcolm Robertson: Trails Officer
David Knight: Juniors Officer
Louise George: Secretary
Scott Keneally: Treasurer

As you can see, without more people coming forward for 2013, there is a large hole in the capacity of the Club to run our events and races. Not all of the above are active in running events. It is absolutely critical for the continuation of the Club’s activities that there is a strong team to run the events and ensure that the day-to-day things are done.

As I have constantly pointed out, the Club relies on the support of volunteers to get races happening. The committee spends a lot of their personal time in advance of races and importantly on the day ensuring that the events are properly run, safe and fun.

Without a full complement of committee members to run the races, AMBC events will not happen at the same level as they have in the past.  One possible change might be fewer races during the year or the Club may have to consider paying an event management organisation to run them which would add significantly to the cost of entry.

However, that is up to the 2013 Committee and the Club as a whole to decide.

As members of AMBC, you need to think carefully about your races and whether you (or someone you know) can put in the time and effort to keep the events going.

26 November 2012 is the time to step forward and nominate for one of the committee positions. If you need any details about the positions, or need to know more – you can email me at president@

Julia Massey
Adelaide MTB Club