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Wanted: Media Coordinator and Timers

Evan James has finally managed to find a good excuse to part from the club – he’s succesfully gained employment with MTBA as the Junior Development Coordinator. Evan has been a committee member with AMBC for the last 8 years, heavily involved as Race Director for most of those years. Last year he switched to the Media Coordinator position and took charge of the clubs Facebook page.

AMBC would like to thank Evan for his dedication in assisting the club throughout the years and we look forward to working with him in his new role as the Junior Development Coordinator for MTBA.

As a result, the Media Coordinator position is up for grabs. If you feel you’ve got the lingo to handle the clubs website posts (in collusion with P’An-Tau), Facebook page and the Instagram account – shoot an email to The technical side of the website is handled by Tom Bamman, so you only need to know how to “make words awesome” to full-fill this role.

The other position the club is looking to build on is on the day race timers. There’s ample information on this page, but basically we are looking for people to watch the timing computer while the race is on. If you think you can perform this role, please email and we can sort out a suitable training time.

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