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Bike SA Dirty Weekend

Photographer: Kane Naaraat from Kaneophoto

Pictured: Kevin Pullen on his way to victory

What a race! Plenty of competitors and plenty of club members getting out and having a crack and the trails over the 24 hours. Big thanks to Bike SA for putting on yet another marathon effort – both for the competitors and by the organizers!

Kevin Pullen coming away with the win in the solo 24 male with a god like effort of 32 laps.
Kate Penglase (Vic) taking out the solo 24 female with a convincing 26 laps – lovely to chat to on the ride as well.

If you want to check out the results they’re available from the Event Strategies results page – click here – plenty of number crunching fun to be had.

There’s some excellent photos up from Sam Bruce and Kaneophoto (Kane Naaraat). Please seek permission before using these photos. If you can, pitch in some dollars to help maintain their enthusiasm – camera gear is expensive! They both have avenues to purchase prints and/or high quality digital negatives.

Photographer: Sam Bruce – OTE Facebook page

Pictured: Duffman! (shameless self-reference!)

Well done to everyone who had a go at the race. Especially the ones that were going at the solo 24 for the first time. Some great efforts from many.

Don’t forget the next race is at Prospect Hill on 31st May 2015. The 2nd round of the Hammer Nutrition 4 hour Enduro series. Everyone should be in prime shape after the Dirty Weekend!

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