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Committee Position Vacant: Secretary

Our current club secretary, Luke Hallam, is leaving little old Radelaide to pursue a life elsewhere. I’m sure he’ll find some flow somewhere in New Zealand, if he looks REALLY carefully.

As a result he has tendered his resignation as club Secretary. Luke has filled the role of Secretary for just over 18 months and AMBC thanks him for his time and commitment to the position.

SO – we (yes, that includes YOU if you’re a club member) are looking to fill this position. What does the secretary do? The role is defined by completing each task:

  1. Request Agenda items for meetings and disseminate to the committee.
  2. Take the minutes for each monthly meeting.
  3. Write and disseminate minutes to the committee and to the club members via the web site.
  4. Administer all correspondence to the club.

At the completion of each task, club XP is accumulated and can be spent on levelling up or purchasing new weapons to fight road warriors…..wait, wrong guild. Uh….Seriously though, you get all the cool benefits of being on the committee and this is one of the very few roles that races are not dependant on – so it leaves you free to race. All the races. So….

The role leaves the committee member free to race and enjoy all the perks of committee membership:

  • Free entry to ALL AMBC races (this includes GESA events)
  • Free AMBC/MTBA membership
  • Free email alias ( – just forwards to your email)
  • FREE warm fuzzy feelings of assisting the club
  • Put your $0.02 forward at all the meetings (sometimes you walk away with a $1.00…go figure).

The only requirement for this position is that you are able to attend most of the club meetings which will be held on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise organised.

If you have any questions or would like to express interest, email or roll into the next committee meeting on the 11th May at The Wakefield Hotel (some notice would be nice though).

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