XCM Racing

Race Dates

Round 1Sat 27 March 2021
Round 2Sun 18 April 2021PROSPECT HILL
Round 3Sun 30 May 2021

The AMBC XCM events are races where duos or solo competitors challenge themselves to complete as many laps of an extended cross country course over a 4 hour period. The winner is the competitor or duo that completes the most laps, where no additional laps may begin after the 4 hour period. Total race time is used to rank riders who complete an equal number of laps.

Twilight Race: (O’Halloran Hill)

8:00 PM Course closed- No riders allowed to continue racing, unless already on course.

Morning Races: (Prospect Hill and Craigburn Farm)

1:00 PM Course closed- No riders allowed to continue racing, unless already on course.


Race Categories

Solo Male – A, B, C, D ability options
Solo Female – A, B, C ability options
Duo Male, Female or Mixed
All adult have a minimum age of 19 years old!
Junior A 4hr Duo (11-18 years old)
Junior B 2hr Duo – MODIFIED COURSE (11-18 years old)
Junior B 2hr Duo individual entry option (to match pairs of single riders without a team mate) (11-18 years old)
Junior A 4hr Solo (16-18 years old)
Junior A 2hr Solo (13-18 years old)

Age categories are calculated based on age on 31st December.

Registration and Entry

Online registration only. No late entries. No ifs, no buts. It’s the future and it’s here.

Links to registration are available at the top of this page under Race dates

Entry fees

Solo $31
Each rider in a (non Junior) duo $31
Juniors and each rider in a Junior duo $21

Additional entry fees:

  • Non-MTBA members require an additional $33 day license.

More information is available on the Race Costs page.

Prizes and sponsors

There will be prizes awarded for the first 3 places in each category. The prize pool for the XCM series has been generously donated by our sponsors including:


Official award presentations will begin approx 20 minutes after the race finish.


Junior Solo

This category is for U17 (15 +) riders ONLY. They complete the full senior lap and 4 hour race duration. It is recommended only highly trained, experienced MTB racers attempt this.

Junior Duo

Most U17 and U15 club riders will form duo teams. They complete the full senior lap and 4 hour duration in their team.

Junior Short Course Duo

This is a modified lap with a shortened duration of approximately 2 hours. We recommend all U13 riders, and any beginner MTB riders new to racing and the club.

Please contact the Junior Coordinator – juniors@ambc.asn.au – to assist with forming teams, and clarification of junior categories.

Race Courses

The race tracks will consists of a mixture of singletrack and fireroads. The length of the course will be somewhere between 7km and 20km depending on the terrain. The aim is to provide a lap that the fastest elite riders will complete in about 45 mins. All technical abilities will be catered for.

Difficult technical sections will have easier “B-lines” or be made easy to walk if necessary. The course will be marked using AMBC arrows, surveyors paint on the ground and / or surveyors tape in trees or fences. Every attempt will be made to mark the course as extensively as possible but riders need to be aware that some onus is on them to make sure they know where they are going.

If you don’t see a marker for 10 mins of riding or more than a few kms, go back the way you came and check your direction.  The course will be marked out and available for a practice lap by approx 1pm the day prior to the event. Where possible a guided ride day will be held a week or 2 before the event to give riders an opportunity to try the course, and GPS files and maps posted on the home page for reference.

Each event will have a large transition / feed area directly next to the start / finish line. Duos and support crew will be able to setup next to the track in this area and parking will be available as close as possible.

Additional Race Rules for XCM Series

  • The XCM Series rules supplement the generic club Race Rules.
  • There will be one mass start for the XCM races, with self seeding being used on the start line.
  • The aim is to do as many laps as you or your duo can do in the allocated time.
  • To be classified as a finisher a solo rider need only complete 1 lap while duos require each member to complete at least 1 lap.
  • Competitors can stop riding and rest or finish at any time they choose, however they must inform the timing officials of their decision to finish before the 4 hour point.  Failure to do this may result in a DNF. Once this notification has been given, no members of the duo are allowed to re-enter the race course.
  • The riders or duos who have completed the most number of laps will be declared winner. If there are an equal number of laps then the winner is decided on the elapsed time.
  • Duos can only have 1 rider on course at any given time and rider changeover must be made by physical contact in the transition area directly after the start / finish line.
  • Rider changeovers cannot occur in any other area.
  • At the finish time (precisely) the course will close and no further riders will be allowed to start a lap.
  • Riders who are on course at this point will be allowed to complete their current lap and this lap will count towards their lap total.


For all results, please check the Results page.  Announcements of results will be made on the home page when available.

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