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AMBC have chosen Hammer Nutrition products to be the Nutrition Supplier for their Enduro series. Every rider needs access to the best Endurance Sports Nutrition available. Choice of event nutrition is extremely important – no event organiser wants riders suffering during their event.

Hammer Nutrition is at the cutting edge of Sports Nutrition. Hammer has focused on making products using only ingredients which we believe are of benefit to the athlete. This means that our products contain no added simple sugars, colourings, preservatives and anything which is harmful to the rider’s performance.

Athlete Nutritional Education is extremely important to us. We strongly believe in not only selling you the best Endurance fuels, but also backing that up with the best athlete nutritional Education and advice service in Australia.

Hammer makes FREE, the services of one of the worlds leading Sports Nutrition Experts, Steve Born, the author of the endurance athlete’s bible, the “Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Success“. All athletes would see great benefit in reading this booklet. Please feel free to email any questions about your sports nutrition to hammernutrition@bigpond.com. It’s a service we have been offering for 20 years and have solved many an issue.

“Endurance Nutrition Seminar – presented by leading world Expert Steve Born (USA)”

Have you had problems with your nutrition during an Endurance race? Or would like to learn how to Fuel properly from one of the best Nutritional Experts in the World “Steve Born”.

If so this come along to this seminar, it’s a great chance to solve all your nutrition problems and save yourself or team a lot of problems.

Steve will be discussing fuelling strategies, common mistakes, and answering all your questions.

Opportunities to listen and learn from a world renowned expert rarely come along, so don’t miss out. Spaces are limited to 75 per venue to ensure the quality of each seminar. For further details go to

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All participants who enter the event can receive a 15% discount on their order when they purchase online.

To apply the 15% discount order the products required then proceed to the shopping cart checkout. You will see a section which says coupon code, place the code ‘AMBC’ into this section and press apply. The discount will be applied then proceed to finish the checkout.

How to Fuel Your Body for a 4-8 hour + MTB race

  1. Keep fluid intake during exercise between 550-800/ml per hour.
  2. Keep calorie consumption to a maximum of 300 cal / hour. (1260 kj/ Hr)
  3. Measure exactly what calories/kj you are consuming. Taking too much can be worse than not enough!
  4. Separate your hydration from your nutrition on the bike to stop confusion
  5. Only consume complex carbohydrates until the last 20-30 minutes of the race.
  6. Use some form of extra electrolyte supplementation. The longer and hotter your event the more you will need this.

Your Nutrition Plan for a MTB Race

Hammer recommends using either H.E.E.D or Perpeutem in combination with HammerGel and Endurolytes.

Option 1: Perpetuem

  • Perpetuem. Some may prefer this. If so use a 4 hour bottle and place approx 7-8 scoops (see directions on quantity) in the bottle. Divide the bottle into 4 and consume 1/4 of a bottle/hour. Pre-mix bottle night before and keep in fridge.
  • Take 550-800ml water per hour.
  • Add 1-3  / hour. Repeat every hour on bike.
  • Perpetuem is a total fuel – you will not need to fuel with anything else.

Option 2: HEED – Gels

  • Start with 1 bottle HEED (2 scoops – 200 calories) drink 1 before exchanging bottles.
  • Also take 1 . Total Calories = 300 max.
  • Add 1-3 Endurolytes / hour. Repeat for 2nd hour on bike.
  • 3rd hour take 2 HammerGels per hour.
  • Add 1-3 Endurolytes.

When finished refuel within 20-30 minutes with Recoverite (2-3 scoops)

Your FREE Personal Nutrition Advice

For any questions on nutrition, email hammernutrition@bigpond.com