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Final chance for Summer series Round 3

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If you have any dramas registering – shoot an email through to or (Scott K is organising registrations for this round).

Set up from 07:30am (if you’re REALLY keen)

Sign-on opens at 09:00am

Race start is at 10:00am

Location is Park 23 and the race HQ will be around – or on – Catholic Cemetery Rd.

Once again, we are allocating all race plates and transponders (this will become a thing this year – but more info on that later, THERE’S RACING TO BE HAD!)

If you’d like to volunteer, email – we’ll need a couple of track marshals to keep the seagulls away – or maybe just direct some pedestrians, you never know you’re luck these days.

See you out there!

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AMBC Races

Giant XCO Round 3 – Cobbler Creek

Round 3 of the winter series is fast approaching. This round sees us move into Cobbler Creek. Cobbler Creek is a fast paced terrain – loose over hard packed – so we should some fast racing.

We require the following volunteers for this race

  • 4 x course marshals – we would prefer 8 so that we can rotate people. If you’re raceing the 1st run session and can hang around to marshal for the 2nd run, this would be ideal and vice versa for those of you racing 2nd run, if you can marshal for the 1st run that would be great

These course marshals are essential and the race will not go ahead if we cannot fulfil this requirement

  • 2 x people to cook the BBQ – near enough to essential because I hear the time keeper gets grumpy if he doesn’t get his feed…..
  • 2 x registration volunteers – to oversee handing out race packs and making sure people put a tick in the box to notify that they are here!
  • 2-4 people to help with course set up on the Saturday before the race (18th Oct)
  • 2-4 people to help with course pack up on the day after racing has concluded

If you can volunteer any time, please email

Matthew Ackland – el Presidente – has scoped out the course and a map has been provided –


Club sponsor are hosting a skills session day on the 11th Oct. The session is limited to a maximum of 6 participants, so jump on over. Remember that the fee -$59 – also covers your race entry. Head over to to register.

AMBC is currently seeking people who maybe interested in overseeing on the day timing – we are looking at building up a team of 4-8 people to share this work load. If you think you may be interested, please email for more information.

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Volunteers for Giant XCO Round 2

If you’re interested in volunteering on Sunday at Flinders Uni get in contact with Robyn via

Positions that will require filling will be:

  • BBQ Cooker – an esteemed position that comes with the gratitude of many a by-stander and racer alike. If you know how to flip a sausage, then this position is for you!
  • Registration verifier – be there to help guide pen to paper so competitiors can tick themselves off the start list! Hand out show bags to eligible people (aka: race packs). If you know how to direct people across a table, this job is for you!
  • Course packer-upper – Want to squeeze in one last lap before “adult life” comes slamming back to the fore-front of your mind? Want to do it a little under race threshhold pace? This is the job for you!

All volunteers get:

  • a free feed off the club BBQ – includes a soft drink;
  • free, transferable, race entry – get your friends involved! – and
  • last but not least, that warm fuzzy feeling that lending a hand is bound to give you – I hear it’s better than a warm fire on a drizzly Monday morning!

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General News Volunteering

Mt. Torrens trail prep

With the final round of the Hammer Nutrition Enduros coming up, we have been given permission to jump in and clean the trails up in preparation.

So, at 9am on Sat 21st June, come up to help smooth the trail for the race. Due to it being private property, this will be the only chance before race day to ride the track as well.

Anyone who is attending will need to have an MTBA license, or already have entered the race with a day license, for insurance reasons.


AMBC Races

Race Map for Hammer Nutrition 4hr Enduro Round 2

After some fun in the sun on Saturday the trail has been penciled in. We’ve managed to include a lot of the fun stuff with a nice break in the middle to recover yourself. The trail pulls up at just shy of 9 kilometers a lap, and took around 45 minutes for us to mosey around – enjoying the colors of all the different mushrooms!



We are still looking for volunteers for this race, so if you can spare some time to help out in any of the following positions, please let know:

  • Two people to provide BBQ services – you only need to cook, everything is purchased and brought to the race for you;
  • Three people to assist with track set-up on Saturday 31st May – meeting at the start line at 09:00am;
  • Two people to assist with registration – handing out race packs – the time keeper will handle any tricky questions;
  • Two people to provide assistance with track pack-up;

All volunteers receive a free, transferable race entry – this entry can be used for any grade and qualifies for the elite series entry – a BBQ’d delight and a refreshing beverage to wash it all down with.

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