Craigburn Farm

Craigburn Farm Shared Use Trails are amongst open paddocks and native vegetation in the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park. They’re purpose built by Parks SA to accommodate mountain bikers, walkers, and horse riding. The trail network is quickly becoming a popular trail among the local mountain bike community. They are predominantly sandy and loamy soil, and can suffer from damage if ridden in wet conditions.

The trails are welcomed to mountain bikers on any day, although please pay attention to signs for directions of usage and courtesies for shared trail use.

A trail map PDF is available. (If printing, please keep in mind to print just one page of the trail maps, as there are multiple pages that are similar but with the ‘you are here’ pointers in different locations.)

Please see the Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources website for their media release article, and for updates regarding the trails.

Approximately 30 minutes from Adelaide. On race day be there at least 30 minutes before the race start. Follow Craigburn Rd as far as you can to the end of the road, AMBC signs will guide you the rest of the way. On race days there is limited space to park, so we kindly ask that you pay attention to any parking marshals that may try to assist you to find a park.

Google Map Directions

Please note that since Craigburn Rd is relatively new, it may not be in all mapping systems such as Google Maps.

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