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Results for Summer Series Ronud 3

Preliminary results are up!

Huge apologies to Will Golding who received a dud transponder and I failed to notice it. Unfortunately, no lap times for him. He took it like a gentleman and seemed pretty happy to simply be out on the bike!

If you notice any other discrepancies, shoot an email through to and we’ll sort it out. Dispute window is until Wednesday 6pm.

Next race is on 29th March 2015. Entries are open, click on the link at the bottom of the post to go to registration. This race is at Eagle MTB Park. Should be doable on a CX bike* (shouldering and running/walking your bike is part of having a CX bike………….#init?)

*Eagle MTB Park is much more fun on a proper MTB. CX bike not actually recommended unless you love a real challenge or want to stick it to your mates!

Big thanks to Stu Clement for coming out and checking out the timing system. Great student and very attentive – A+ – would hire again! Phase 1 of “Let’s organise a timing team” has commenced!

Plenty of photos going around, check out the photos page for links!

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