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Human Projectiles: Fox Creek grant

A proposal has been put forward by the Human Projectiles (The group behind iconic tracks such as Green Smoothie, Middle Earth, Dirty Little Secret and Ant Logic), outlining how a requested $19,000 grant would be used to both extend the trail network and improve existing facilities at Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park in the Adelaide Hills.

The Proposal was sitting at the number 1 spot for quite some time, however it has now dropped back to third. To be eligible for any funding at all, the proposal must be in the top 3, however, the number one spot would be great to maximise our chance or receiving the full $19,000.

Hence, we are asking that you all take 3 minutes of your time to sign up and vote for this proposal, as the voting closes AT 5PM MONDAY, 3RD NOVEMBER. Currently there is ONLY 2% DIFFERENCE IN VOTES SEPARATING THE TOP 6 PROPOSALS, so every last vote is need to get this proposal over the line….and more trails has to be a good thing, right?

So please take 3 minutes out of your busy day to vote for this proposal, then share it amongst your friends and colleagues, knowing that these few minutes of time can lead to a huge improvement in one of South Australia’s best mountain bike trail networks.

Here is the link: