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Fatchat! and Melrose!

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Latest edition of Fatchat! is available – See if you can find the common element on each page……….

August Fatchat High resolution

August Fatchat Low resolution

Events wise there’s a little bit happening this weekend. Many local SA riders are off to Melbourne to hurl their CX bikes over barriers and leave tasteful, hypnotic tyre marks in the soil – I think we’ve figured out a new crop circle method!

Round and round we go!

A few other SA folk are off to chase the 100 or so Convicts that got let out in St. Albans, NSW. Good luck to rounding them up swiftly and without punctures.

Looking to the future? Well, if you haven’t planned for 4/5 September, here’s a little something that might perk your interest – 6/18 Hours of Melrose hosted by Over The Edge (club sponsor). A fun event that is organised by some of the best reasons MTBers get called “a bit weird”. The weekend away is guaranteed to entertain and if you get bored of the entertainment, Melrose has plentiful amounts of singletrack to distract you.

Next club race is at Mt. Torrens on 13th Sep. Check the links below for all your info.

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What do you call a thieving duck? A robber duck!

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