Escapegoat Adventures MTB Maintenance Course

Just $99 gives you free bike servicing for life!

Five spots only- First course on Saturday 10 May. 

We often get asked various things about mountain bike set up and maintenance on our skills days, so thought it about time we ran our own MTB maintenance course!

Unlike other maintenance courses out there, this is MTB specific, and we will share with you not only how to look after your MTB, but also a load of tricks and ways to ‘get home’ too when disaster strikes miles from home, and other things we have picked up from our years of running trips around the world, and maintaining our fleet of bikes! All welcome- just don’t turn up with a roadie!

Areas covered will include:-

  • Tools and equipment, both in the workshop and on the trails
  • Bike safety checks, and problem prevention
  • cleaning and keeping your bike ride ready
  • tuning gears, changing cables, and repairing chains
  • basic hydraulic brake maintenance (changing pads, resetting calipers and lever adjustment)
  • basic wheel and tyre repairs and puncture prevention, including tubeless tricks!
  • Top ‘get you home’ tricks for on-trail disasters

The course runs from 10am until around 3pm, and whilst we have core components to cover, we will try our best to answer everyone’s questions. With the course limited to 5, you will get plenty of time to ask your own questions, and hopefully do some work on your own bike if needed, in as relaxed an environment as possible. We will be based in the Escapegoat workshed, but will also look at tricks and ‘fix-me-ups’ to perform out on the trails. The course is aimed at riders keen to learn a little more about there bikes, save money on basic bike services, and learn how to get the best out of their bikes- however we won’t be dismantling and servicing suspension forks, or welding frames! We guarantee the course will pay for itself quickly in saved bike shop visits! We recommend you bring your own MTB along to work on. Workshop tools will be available for use, as will a few workstands. For more info email us at

Over the last 8 years we’ve gained a bucket load of experience and learnt a lot of tricks keeping mountain bikes running and on the trails, so we thought we’d share them!  We have had to keep our fleet of mtbs running and well maintained both in our workshop and on our tours, often without the comfort of extensive tools. We’ve also worked as sole maintenance support on 2 week trips for 200 riders along the Mawson working on all types of bikes, so we have seen a lot, and have learnt a lot of tricks! We have also spent the last few years running various bike maintenance courses for other organisations, so we thought it was about time we did it ourselves!

Here’s one example of a fix we helped with on a Flinders Ranges trip a while back…..




…….and after!

Escapegoat Adventures are a proud sponsor of Adelaide MTB Club.

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