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Giant Otway Odyssey

Quite a few South Australians competing in the Giant Otway Odyssey today.

Quite a cold morning welcomed the riders -and suporters! – with temperatures not going above 1 degree (with some claims of -1.3 degrees!) it was certainly tough getting out of bed this morning! Thankfully there was no rain for the day, slitghly overcast, so not a horrible day for racing once the riders were set off. With enough rain falling over the past few days, there was still plenty of mud on the course and competitors came through the first transition in varying degrees of respectful MTB dirtiness.

Chris Jongewaard lead the race from the start, putting a 5 mins lead on the chasing racers – Adrian Jackson and Shaun Lewis – and maintaining it for the rest of the race. Adrian and Shaun seemed to stick together throughout the race, finishing it off with a sprint finish at the end – 2nd place was decided by a photo result – Adrian managing to squeeze Shaun out for the better place!


Some very strong results and quite a few SA finishers in the top 100:

  • Chris Jongewaard taking out 1st place male in 4hrs 27mins
  • Therri Rhodes taking out 4th place female in 5hrs 47mins
  • Rohan Baird coming in 15th male in 4hrs 54mins
  • Anna Puckridge coming 15th female in 6hrs 45mins
  • Tom Goddard coming in 17th male in 4hrs 58mins
  • Ben Hogarth coming in 19th male in 4hrs 59mins
  • Ollie Ollie Ollie Klein coming in 21st male with 5hrs 01mins
  • Matthew Ackland (El’ Presidento) coming in 39th male with 5hrs 14mm – 1st place SS!
  • Michael Denton coming in 53rd male (1st place Junior) with 5hrs 22mins
  • Ian McGraw coming in 65th male with 5hrs 28mins
  • Jason Morrison coming in 69th male with 5hrs 31mins
  • Kevin Pullen coming in 74th male with 5hrs 34mins
  • Matt Sanderson coming in 78th male with 5hrs 36mins
  • Patrick Walsh coming in 82nd male with 5hrs 38mins
  • Evan James coming in 86th male with 5hrs 39mins (claims he wasn’t actually trying….)

Many more mentionable finishes – the live results can be found on the Rapid Ascent website – click here – and the final results are usually released pretty quickly once the event is finished.

Don’t forget the UCI Cairns round is LIVE on SBS right now – also stream-able through RedBull TV if it suits you more – up to lap 3 of 6 now!

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