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Transponders and the future of registration

All competitors would have been exposed to the system we’ve been trialing over the summer series by which the club has been issuing both a race plate and a transponder for use at the races. Now that the summer series is over, the club has decided to move in this direction for good. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain this decision away.

Want to know what to do with your current transponder? Click here.

Why change?
The club has recognized that the current transponder ownership/hire system creates more work for the person entering registrations into the timing system. The current process involves checking transponder numbers entered, assigning hire transponders where required, importing from one database to another (Register Now to MyLaps) and updating the MyLaps database. The new system will be one simple import from a spreadsheet and the registration coordinator can double check transponders at the same time – in bulk. It also saves on time because it removes the need to create race packs, this will also save on resources – paper, bags, etc. – in the long run.

How will the new system work?
The new system removes transponder ownership from competitors and puts all the transponders in the clubs hands. At each race competitors will be issued a race plate and transponder that is to be returned at the end of each race.

What’s the benefit to the club?
The major benefit is the simplification of registration the day prior to an event. The old process took on average nearly 6 hours of double checking, correcting, packaging and data entry. The process over the summer series has taken, on average, two hours. The new system has seen fewer errors on race day and less stress on the timing and registration personnel. On top of this, it means that the club will have a large pool of transponders to call on if required for larger events. MyLaps are also moving to a subscription service for the transponders, so it is much easier for the club to manage this into the future.

What’s the downside to the club?
Cost. The transponders are not cheap and this is the reason the club did not go down this avenue from the beginning.

What about my current transponder?
The club is aware that there are many people who have recently purchased transponders from us. With this in mind, we are offering a full refund to anyone who purchased a transponder from Jan 2014 to current. If you purchased a transponder from the club prior to this, a modified version of the clubs transponder buy back policy will apply, the original is available here. The modified policy will be:

  • Less then 1 year old = you’ll get a full refund
  • 1-2 year old = $40
  • 2-3 year old = $30
  • 3+ years = $10 (it’s had a good run!)

If you wish to, you can hold onto your transponder – if you use it at other clubs races (WVCC for example, use the same timing system).

The club is interested in taking back all old transponders to assist with building a stock pile of hire transponders – dead or not. We will still be looking to refurbish transponders as required. With this in mind, if you have an old one laying around that no longer works, feel free to throw it at us – if it comes with a race plate, even better!

Who to talk to?
To arrange the return of your transponder, discuss the decision or wish to query your refund eligibility, send an email to

We can arrange a convenient drop off location for you and either bank transfer or cash reimbursement, depending on what suits. Please allow some notice if a cash refund is preferred.

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