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MyLaps Live Results app

Some of you may have noticed that we have been testing and implementing some new ideas for races. One of these features is the new MyLaps app. The app will enable users to log into the local wireless timing network “AMBC Timing” and receive results from the timing system.

The app gives basic data for each competitor such as –

  1. Overall placing
  2. Race number
  3. Place in class
  4. Class
  5. “Driver” aka name or team name
  6. Number of completed laps

plus a few other features that are dependent on screen size and orientation. The attached picture is an example of the app running on my Asus Transformer tablet.

MyLaps charge $0.99 for the app on the

Google Play store

Apple iStore

If you’d like to see the app in action before you make the big leap, see P’An-Tau (The Timekeeper) on race day for a live demonstration.To confirm the IP address to enter into the app, see the Timekeeper on race day – it will usually be though.

MyLaps app screenshot TF100

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