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New Race Plate System

As of May 2013, for any AMBC events, racers will no longer be required to change race plates to match the grade they are racing in. Instead, a colour code system (a strip of coloured tape across the bottom of the plate) indicates your category.

A new page on the website under ‘Event Info’ -> ‘New Race Plate System’ has been created as a handy reference.

What you need to do if you …

1) already have a transponder and a plate

Racers who currently have a race plate and transponder will not be required to change anything. When you sign-in on the day, simply double check that the race plate and transponder we have recorded match the ones you have on your bike and attach the appropriate colour tape to your race plate. There will be rolls of tape at the sign-on sheet available.

2) have a transponder but don’t have a plate

Racers who currently only have a transponder will purchase a race plate for $10. This will now be your number for the life of the plate. It will also link to your transponder. So if you happen to change transponder or race plate, make sure you inform the timing official(s).

3) don’t have a transponder, but have a race plate

Racers who currently only have a race plate will be required to return that race plate and receive their $10 deposit back. For future races they will hire a “race pack” for $10 that will contain a plate and transponder – just as you would’ve hired a transponder.

Plate modifications

Note: You are not entitled to modify the race plate in any way (including sponsorship markings). For further information refer to the MTBA Rules and Regulations. If you break your plate, you will be required to buy a new one.

If you have any questions about this system, please contact P’An-Tau (PT) via email –

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