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Welcome to the new AMBC site

Welcome to the NEW AMBC Website!

The AMBC committee is very excited about the new and improved site, which we hope will become the central point of information about the club and its events for you, the club’s members. There are many advantages to this new website, and we encourage members to explore for themselves.

The major new feature is the ability to subscribe via email to AMBC news posts. Rather than wait until the next newsletter, we will post new information about the club and its events directly to the front page in blog format. At the top, you’ll notice a menu heading ‘Subscribe’, where you can select the information that interests you most, and hey presto! …each morning (or some categories they are instantly) these news posts will then be emailed to you. Check out the page for more info. The aim is to eventually phase out the traditional newsletters which for many years have been lovingly compiled each week by Scott Keneally. We will have to see how you as club members respond to an increased volume of emails, but you can unsubscribe from various categories.

With the new news email subscription system comes the opportunity to provide members with email reminders specifically for online registrations! Almost everyone has forgotten to register online at some point, which makes registration on the day pretty expensive, and costing volunteers more in time. When you subscribe to news posts via email, by default online registration reminders are selected. We encourage you to keep this selected, although please keep in mind if you have already registered for an event you will receive the reminder anyway.

There will no doubt be many minor bugs, and some content copied over from the old website is still yet to be updated. We kindly ask that all members be patient whilst the website is continually improved, and to please email any amendment requests or suggestions via the Contact page.

Big props to Tom Bammann for putting his all into setting up the site, and to Paul Massey for his efforts in getting this project up and running.

Happy racing

Julia Massey

President Adelaide MTB Club

For nostalgia and fond memories of the past, we include a snap shot of our old identity from

2011 website
A snapshot of the old website 2011 and prior, at

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