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Hammer Nutrition Craigburn Farm Enduro Track Layout

Craigburn Farm Enduro Track Layout

Due to risk management issues and a lack of volunteers to act as marshals, the intersection idea for the Enduro this Sunday has been shelved. All the same tracks will be used but the direction will be reversed for most of them. Down side is having to ride Sidewinder the other way. On the plus side we still maintain a 10.5km / 30min plus track and ride down Cowbones the long way. This race we will also be starting everyone together and asking riders to self seed themselves in the start shute (ie if you are a fast solo or team rider start near the front, if you are a slower rider start nearer the back). This method works very successfully at large private promoter events like Bike Buller and is much better than any attempt to seperate riders into start waves based on classes rather than ability. Due to the fact we are running our first event on DENR land, and so close to housing we all need to be aware of some important conditions. Also note that unless otherwise bunted the race course track is defined by the trails as constructed. Cutting corners and / or riding off the track around obsticles is something we have been specifically directed by DENR to manage and anyone observed doing so may be DSQed. DENR will have a representitive riding around with a flouro vest on during the event.

Please park where directed by the race volunteers only.








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