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A meter matters petition

The Amy Gillett Foundation has recently started a petition to enact new legislation that would require drivers to give reasonable space while over taking cyclists on roads.

Adelaide MTB Club will have petition papers for people to sign at the next race – Sun 16 Mar – at the registration table.

More information is available on the Amy Gillett Foundation petition page on the website.

If you’d like to print your own petition pages and get family, friends and work mates to sign, a PDF of the petition is available – click here – Instructions on how to return completed petitions are on the page – or alternatively, bring them along to the races and add them to the clubs pile.

2 replies on “A meter matters petition”

If the law describes a bicycle as a vehicle ,the same rules for overtaking cant pass a truck in the same lane,so you must change lanes to overtake it,same should go for a bicycle….

Agree Paul. My personal opinion – not speaking for the club here – on this is that the law already protects cyclists by placing us under the label of a “vehicle” – ref. Australian Road Rules, Division 2 – 15. What is a vehicle: (b) a bicycle – and then I could go on and quote all the rules regarding safe overtaking and what the lines on the road mean – but I think I’d be preaching to someone who knows all of this already (lets argue about agreeing!).

The feeling I get from the law that this petition is trying to put in place is that it will, in most situations that it applies, put the onus on the driver to give adequate overtaking space. I’m fairly sure most of the regular cyclists out there know how close some cars get and some of the silly corners that people pass us on, and hopefully this law (if enacted) will make drivers think a little more – call me hopeful!

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