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Zero Friction Cycling 2023 Overall Series

In 2023, we’ll be running a competition for consistent participation in our events thanks to our great sponsor Zero Friction Cycling.

The series rules are as follows:

  • 4x Categories – Men, Women, Junior Men and Junior Women
  • Best of 2 XCC events
  • Best of 3 XCM events
  • Best of 2/3 XCO events (TBC with format of Melrose events)
  • Subject to cancellations and event modification

Points multipliers:

  • A grade – 1.0
  • B grade – 0.8
  • C grade – 0.7
  • D Grade – 0.6

The results will be announced at the State Championships on Nov 12 2023. Prizes include some blingy medals and a voucher to ZFC’s store! Make sure to check out their page to start dreaming of what you get from the store if you work hard and do well!

Both AMBC and ZFC will keep a running spreadsheet of results:

A little bit about Zero Friction Cycling

Zero Friction Cycling is the WORLDS LEADING independent lubricant and chain testing facility, and uses the information from testing to stock the genuine best products only. ZFC is contracted by many of the worlds largest manufacturers in the lubricant space to test and benchmark lubricants, and if they test extremely well, a full detail review is completed and ZFC stocks and recommends products. If it doesn’t test well, manufacturer keeps working on it and test results remain private. On top of that ZFC tests many lubricants on its own volition to check lofty claims vs reality.

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