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Email subscription reminder

Some changes have been made to the website news categories and email notification system. As a consequence, existing users have all been subscribed to the two new categories of ‘General news’ and ‘Sponsors’.

If you’d like to adjust your subscriptions, please follow the  ‘Manage your subscription’ link at the the bottom of any email you receive.

If you’re having problems locating one of these emails with a ‘Manage your subscription’ link, it’s not a problem, but you need to fully register your same email address that we can then send a password to:

  1. At the bottom of the sidebar on the right of this text, click ‘Register’.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a user account associated with your email address.
  3. You’ll be emailed a password to login. Follow the prompt to login.
  4. Once you login, you’ll be taken to your profile page. Here you can change some other preferences relevant for when commenting.
  5. Look for the ‘Your Subscriptions’ in the top left corner, where you can modify your subscriptions to email notifications.

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