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Junior Travel scholarship:

The AMBC junior travel scholarship aims to assist aspiring junior XCO riders with expenses incurred when electing to utilise the AusCycling National Junior Travel program for National Cup Gold events, National Championships and Oceania Continental Championship events. 

The scholarship has a value of $500, and can be awarded to an individual athlete once during the 2022 race season. 

The funding will be reimbursed to the selected athletes once evidence of entry to the AusCycling National junior travel program for one of the travel programs is provided to the committee. The Committee will review applications and make the final decision on which athletes will be accepted for the Scholarship.  

In addition to meeting the requirements of AusCycling to enter the travel program, applicants must be a financial member of the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club and either U17 or U19 category.

Selection Requirements:
  • Rider is U17 or U19 Category.
  • Rider has proof of entry to an AusCycling National Junior Travel program.
  • Financial member of Adelaide Mountain Bike Club.

In addition to the above, we will require the submission of a ‘race resume’ to the junior coordinator juniors@ambc.asn.au .  This document should outline the following points in a clear and creative way.

  1. Contact details (Name, email, AC license number, phone number)
  2. 3 personal attributes
  3. On bike Strengths and areas to work on (Top 3 strengths, top 3 areas for development)
  4. Key XCO results (x3)
  5. Long term goals in the sport (x3)
  6. Present evidence of being an active member of AMBC, regular attendance of races and volunteering with the club.

Eligible events

1. CORC – Canberra ACT – Jan 26 – 30 
2. National Championships – Maydena TAS – Feb 14 – 21 

3. Oceania Championships – Brisbane QLD – March 24 – 28
4. MAD MTB Classic – Mackay QLD – June 29 – July 4 

Other Financial Assistance: Local Sporting Champions

The Sport Australia Local Sporting Champions program provides funding of between $500 and $750 for athletes aged between 12 and 18 attending School Sport, State or National Championships, and International events where the applicant is part of the official AusCycling team. More information is available on the Sport Australia website HERE.

Junior Dirt Skills:

Junior Dirt Skills (JDS) is a joint initiative of Port Adelaide Cycling Club and Adelaide Mountain Bike Club. The aim is teach children the skills to increase their competence, confidence, and enjoyment of riding bikes in natural and off-road environments. The classes cater for children aged from 4 to 16 years and is tailored and structured to suit their various abilities.

AusCycling trained Level 0 coaches (and other qualified coaches) will deliver the clinics with assistance from some parents/guardians. Coaches will have all the necessary qualifications to deliver this level of coaching.

JDS Schedule – 2022
March 19th (Saturday)Craigburn Farm2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
April 9th (Saturday)O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
May 15th (Sunday)Cobbler Creek Recreation Park9-10am (4-7rs)10:30-12pm (7-15yrs)
June 18th (Saturday)Craigburn Farm2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
July 9th (Saturday)Craigburn Farm2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
August 21st (Sunday)Shepherds Hill Recreation Park9-10am (4-7rs)10:30-12pm (7-15yrs)
September 17th (Saturday)O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
October 14th (Saturday)Craigburn Farm2-3pm (4-7yrs)3:30-5pm (7-15yrs)
November 6th (Sunday)Cobbler Creek Recreation Park9-10am (4-7rs)10:30-12pm (7-15yrs)

How to get involved: Join the Facebook group.

Entry to all Junior Dirt Skills clinics are available on AusCycling Events

Other Frequently asked questions!

Adelaide Mountain Bike Club is a welcoming and supportive space for families and junior riders. We aim to provide the best experience for new riders and foster the development of junior riders.

Age Categories:

Our minimum age to enter AMBC events is 11 years old.

Age is defined as that of 31st December this competition year.

CategoryMin AgeMax Age
U23* 1922

What is XC – cross country Mountain biking?

XC mountain biking means riding off road on dirt trails, being able to climb up hills and descend down them, ride through twisty sections and trees, around berms, and over obstacles such as logs, rocks and jumps often in forests or scrub. It is based on the Olympic format of mountain biking that requires endurance and skill.


A standard 26” hardtail MTB with gears is sufficient, a helmet that meets Australian Standards, gloves, sturdy shoes, glasses, drink bottle, food/snacks and suitable clothing for racing and weather conditions. Permission and support from an adult!


AusCycling is the national body for mountain biking in Australia.

You will need to have an AusCycling membership to race. You can get a 4-week free trial membership to start off with. To continue with race membership, consult the AusCycling memberships page to find the perfect fit for you.

Junior membership is very affordable and if you were considering doing more club races it ends up being cheaper to join the club.


Race registration – online on Entryboss

What happens on race day?

  • 7:30am – club volunteers arrive to begin setup
  • 8am – registration – collect race plate, transponder and check that it all works
  • 8-8:30am – kit up, warm up.
  • 8:35am – New rider briefing
  • 8:50am – line up at start line & general rider briefing
  • 9:00am – wave starts, juniors usually last few waves!

How do I get up to date information? Where do I go if I have questions?

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