MTBA Junior policy is available from this link. A very good starting document to guide development, training and racing for junior riders.

MTBA South Australian Junior Development Squad information – click here

AMBC encourages juniors and their families to participate in cross-country MTB riding and assists them in developing their skills and fitness in off road riding.

We recommend that junior riders are a minimum of 11 years old (U13) before riding in modified club events. Riders need basic off road skills, be able to negotiate small obstacles, fitness to climb hills, and the confidence to follow a course set in a forest or the bush without direct supervision.

Age categories include U13, U15 and U17 with the younger riders completing modified shorter length courses and reduced race durations.

AMBC follows the guidelines set by MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia) who recommend the race durations of events based on age groups.

The Junior Coordinator, with the assistance of experienced riders, organise junior bunch rides between club events and school holidays. These rides aim to assist junior riders with their skill development, fitness, training and race strategy. They are also a great way to meet and socialise with fellow riders.

Most junior racing occurs on Sunday mornings. Details of events are found on this website.

Age is calculated based on the participants age as of 31st December.

Want more specific information? Have more questions? Contact juniors@ambc.asn.au

Junior FAQ

What is XC – cross country Mountain biking?

XC mountain biking means riding off road on dirt trails, being able to climb up hills and descend down them, ride through twisty sections and trees, around berms, and over obstacles such as logs, rocks and jumps often in forests or scrub. It is based on the Olympic format of mountain biking that requires endurance and skill.

What equipment do I need for a race?

A standard 26” hardtail MTB with gears is sufficient, a helmet that meets Australian Standards, gloves, sturdy shoes, glasses, drink bottle, food/snacks and suitable clothing for racing and weather conditions. Permission and support from an adult.

Do I need to be a club member?

No, but your parents will have to pay for a Day Membership (which includes day insurance). Junior membership is very affordable and if you were considering doing more club races it ends up being cheaper to join the club.

How do I register?

The cheapest for you, and the easiest for our club volunteers, is to register online. If you are having difficulties with the online registration system, don’t hesitate to contact us. Registering for a race includes the use of a club allocated race plate and transponder. Both these items are returned after the race.

What happens on race day?

Get to the event at least an hour before race start time
Sign on at registration. Be sure to ask for assistance if you need. Our helpful club volunteers will happily assist first timers.
Collect Race Plate, transponder and use a cable tie to attach them to your bike, sign day membership (if required)
Kit up, check your equipment, get organised and do a practice lap of the course or at least a few sections.
Race briefing is approx. 10 mins prior to the race start

How do I get up to date information? Where do I go if I have questions?

The club website (first place to look – welcome, since you’re here!). Check the latest posts
The Junior Coordinator/s juniors@ambc.asn.au (to clarify details and ask questions)
The club Forum and Facebook (to consult other members)

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