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Trail care, Masters games and request for pics!

Probably the busiest 3 weeks I’ve seen in a while for getting info out to everyone!

So here’s a bit of a 3 in one hit out.

Firstly – The Australian Masters Games. Those wonderful games that allow you the perception of racing against those of equal ability because they’re vaguely in your age bracket – over 30(ish). Anyway, early bird entries close up for these games THIS FRIDAY. So if you’re a sure fire entrant, get on board and enter here.

AMBC is proudly hosting the MTB component of the Masters Games at Craigburn. That means you’ll get all the familiar heckling that you’re used to – so long as they give me the microphone and timing goes smoothly (what could possibly go wrong?)

5 days to go - social
Well……5ish days to go……but, IT’S A PANDA! Those suits are so hot right now!

Secondly – Trail care. That thing that people do that allow others to do awesome stuff. These groups are the back bone of MTBing because without them, well, the trails would be pretty average.

Prospect Hill Trail care group recently received a donation of tools from AMBC and Trailscapes (thanks for the deal and the hard yard in R&D on the tools!). They were immediately put to use – fixing up the “new climbing trail” that has appeared.

“Rake Bake” and the “Half Bake”

Fox Creek XC Track Maintenance group continuing there reputation for hosting trail days on race days were out on the trails building and grooming “Climbing Ivy”. Look forward to it!

Nice ‘n tight corners!

Cobbler Creek Trail Maintenance group look to have established a great relationship with the local ranger – Meryl Jenkins – who will be hosting a trail care info day at Cobbler Creek on 23rd Aug. For more information, contact Gawler Natural Resource office on 8523 7700.

If you ever find yourself sitting around because you get bored of racing, make sure you give something back – hit these groups and get out and have a dig.

FINALLY – apparently there were a few photographers out on Sunday at the race. I’ve only got pics from one of them. So if you’re one of the other photographers, hit up and we can publish/link to/display/etc. your photos through our media streams.

There’s a chatter of fatness rolling out soon as well, so expect this week to be informative and laughy.

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General News

Green Smoothie closure

Image  from Kaneophoto – check out his work, it’s rad –

Bike SA have been distributing information regarding Green Smoothie trail maintenance.

In short, Green Smoothie will be closed for two weeks starting today – 21 April.

Please respect this closure and stay off the trail while this work is under way. It will be beneficial in the long run.

Bike SA are also organizing some trail design/building lessons for volunteers, so if you’re interested in that, shoot an email to for more information.

Bike SA message:

Trail Closure at Cudlee Creek
Please be advised that the Green Smoothie trail at Cudlee Creek will be closed for upgrade work from Tuesday 21 April for a period of 2 weeks.
Following on from IMBA “trail guru” Joey Kline’s visit a few months ago, Bike SA has contracted an IMBA trail specialist to take this trail to the next level.
There will be heavy machinery on the trail and plenty of signage notifying riders of the closure – so please spread the word. NO RIDING!
Apologies for the inconvenience but we are sure the delays will be worth it!!
As part of our agreement with IMBA, we are providing some trail design/build opportunities for volunteers to come and learn the latest in international best practice. If you are keen to lend your hands on trail and learn from the best in the business, please email with you availabilities.
Bike SA acknowledges the great support of the Office for Recreation and Sport in funding this project.
Sponsors Volunteering

Melrose trail maintenance and build dates

To all that love to ride Melrose!
Southern Flinders Rough Riders are gearing up for the Fat Tyre Festival and we want these trails to be in top notch condition for you! If you are thinking of going to Melrose for a weekend and feel like helping the lads throw a pick around the trails then pop these dates in your diary.

Saturday/Sunday May 11/12 – Bartagunyah Trail Camp

Come to Bartagunyah for the weekend from about midday Saturday to Sunday arvo to dig, ride and camp out. We will be doing hand finishing works on the top section of the Eurovision trail. Camping is free. If you don’t have a four wheel drive we can arrange a shuttle to the top of the hill for you and your stuff. Let us know if you’re attending – email or call Dan on 0417847977.

Sunday May 26 – Trail Build Day

9am start, meet at OTE