The Adelaide Mountain Bike Club is proudly sponsored by the following companies. We love shopping there and love the product they offer. Please support our sponsors.

Schwalbe and Squirt are generously provided by aussie distributor Bikebox.com.au


Azur, Super B, Bryton and Krush are  generously provided by aussie distributor Bikecorp.com.au


Please visit their websites for a list of local bike stores carrying their product



Sponsors are welcomed to promote their company on a separate page below, explaining the benefits of their product to members of AMBC or how AMBC members can claim discount from their products. Sponsors are also invited to post a certain number of advertisements on the AMBC website as agreed with AMBC. When subscribing to AMBC email news, the ‘Sponsors’ category is subscribed to by default. 99% of members maintain their subscription to sponsors because they want to hear from you, so please contact sponsorship@ambc.asn.au to get started!