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AMBC provide three seasons of races throughout each year:

At the end of the XCO Series, there is a standalone AMBC State Championships race where the annual State Champions are determined.

The AMBC Summer Series of races are generally short races, held in the cooler part of the day before it heats up.  As they are held in the off-season, there is no presentation of a series champion.  The first Summer Series race generally occurs in December, with the last race generally in March.

The AMBC Hammer Nutrition Enduro events are races where teams or solo competitors challenge themselves to complete as many laps of an extended cross country MTB course over a 4 hour period.

The AMBC XCO Series are races based on the discipline of Olympic format cross country, the only MTB event included in the Olympic Games, and a format which is raced all over the world. Races are held over multiple laps of a 5 to 7 km course. The winner is the competitor who completes the allocated number of laps for their respective class in the fastest time.


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