AMBC Races

State Championships Reminder!

Race day is fast approaching and registration cut off is even sooner. SO, don’t forget to register before Saturday 10am! We are printing plates for this race so there will be no space for late entries!

MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK YOUR START TIME. There are two main start times – 09:30am and 11:30am. Specific start orders will be announced on the day once you’re all raring to go at the start line.

With that in mind, ALL COMPETITORS will be required to pick up a race plate at registration. At the same time, you will pick up your $10 voucher for Anderson Hill Winery that can be used to procure any of their food and beverages. We will also be holding presentations after the final competitor has crossed the line at the winery at approximately 2:00pm.

The lap for the state champs has been confirmed. Thanks to Jason Morrison for doing the scouting and Marc Fox for marking it out prior to race day (later in the week). The lap GPS info is available here.

For further information, check the State Champs page, click here, or contact the club, click here.

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