2016 Winter XC Series

10th April people.  Lock it in! Link to AMBC website in our bio for all your information and entering needs ūüď∑Sam Bruce #howihammer #adelaidemtbclub #foxcreekmtb @hammernutritionausThe first round of the Winter XC series is fast approaching with Round 1 of the Hammer Nutrition Enduro coming up on Sunday 10th April.¬†Entries close on Saturday at 10am.

We are always looking for people to help out around race HQ, so if you can help with any of the following, send an email to racevolunteers@ambc.asn.au:

  • BBQ cooking – yes, the winter series sees the return of the BBQ!
  • Course pack up – relive the adventure one last time!
  • Registration –¬†control the masses¬†and dish out order!

The basics of the racing format will be the same as previous years with a few key changes all competitors should be aware of.

Elite series? GONE!

The committee has decided that the “Elite Winter Series” is to be discontinued. So you won’t see any “elite” categories this year – Enduros will be “Solo Male” and XCO will be “A Grade”.


We will be following our existing guidelines regarding¬†minimum age for juniors – 11 years old. If you (or your child) doesn’t quite meet the requirements, but still want to join in the fun, send an email to¬†juniors@ambc.asn.au¬†and¬†options can be discussed. We aim to be inclusive of everyone, but also want to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all competitors.

Series entry…….is it cheaper??…No.

A solid reminder that “series entry” is available, but there is NO discount for it. The registration system used by the club needs all events to be part of a series in order for entries to process properly. Everyone¬†is welcome to enter the entire series if they tend to be forgetful – if you can’t make a race for some reason,¬†let us know through¬†timing@ambc.asn.au¬†with some notice and a refund can be organised.

Race directoring

Our current Race Director David Knight who has supported the club in this role over the last 2.5 years (previously the juniors coordinator) will be looking to pass on this prestigious position to someone next year. So get ready to hear us harp on about this at every race/presentations/email/etc. over the year as, similar to the timing and registration coordinator positions, they are an essential part of hosting races. For information on the position, email info@ambc.asn.au.

2016 registration – all open!

ALL EVENTS for the rest of 2016 are open for registration. Links are located on the calendar page, the respective events page and we’ll throw them in here for you with dates as well (gee, we’re nice people! Maybe, save this email/page if you want for easy reference…….winks as good as a nudge to a blind bat!):

Hammer Nutrition 4 Hour Enduro Series:

Round 129 Apr 2018Prospect HillRACED
Round 227 May 2018Craigburn FarmRACED
Round 324 Jun 2018Cobbler CreekEntry now open

Giant XCO Series:

Round 129 Jul 2018Eagle MTB ParkREGO NOT YET OPEN
Round 226 Aug 2018Anstey HillREGO NOT YET OPEN

State Championships:

Standalone04 Nov 2018Fox CreekREGO NOT YET OPEN

Enduro Round 3 Results


Results are up on the website – click here to go to the results page

If you spot any errors or stray emus, let¬†timing@ambc.asn.au¬†know. They’ll be finalised at 6:00pm, Wednesday 24th June 2015.

The Elite points table has also been updated – make sure you check this – I’m prone to crunching numbers funny sometimes. If you spot an error email¬†timing@ambc.asn.au.

Non-qualifiers for the series have been removed РRemember, you need to race in at least 2 x Hammer Nutrition 4 hour enduros and 2 x Giant XCOs to qualify.

Massive thanks to everyone who helped out today.

If you were wondering what that buzzing noise was, here’s a sneak of what was captured by Brett Caston and his drone –

YouTube link

AMBC would like to thank Hammer Nutrition for their ongoing support of the Enduro series. Check out their website for information pertaining to their product. Remember that AMBC members are entitled to 15% off all orders – check out the sponsor page for info.


The next race is the first round of the Giant Adelaide XCO series. Heading into the quarry of a place, Eagle MTB Park, you can be sure the next race will be fast and furious with a touch of lung busting fun!

The calendar page has links to the rest of this years races.

If you can’t wait until August to get your race on, the SRAM Gravity Enduro SA round 1, also sponsored by Giant Adelaide, ¬†is on 28th June. Entries closing on 24th June @ 9:00pm – click here for rego. Click here for the GESA Website.

Port Adelaide Cycling Club also have 2 cyclocross events in July – 5th and 19th. They have an open grade that allows for MTBs and grades to suit everyone else. Check out the website for details – PACC Cyclocross page.

See you on the trails!

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Hammer Nutrition 4 hr – Round 2

enduro 2015 poster horizontalThe next Hammer Nutrition 4 hour enduro is approaching – Sun 31st May.

Entries are open and available by clicking here. Links are also available on the Calendar page along with the rest of the AMBC MTB season. Registration will close at 10:am on Saturday 30th May. If you are struggling to get to an electronic device to register in the next week send a quick email (ironic?) to timing@ambc.asn.au or call the club phone.

The next round is set to be held at Prospect Hill – directions available here.

If you’re interested in lending a hand to¬†your club on the day of the race, then let¬†racevolunteers@ambc.asn.au¬†know in advance so we can plan for it.

Free BBQ, drink, and transferable race entry for all volunteers.

We’re looking for people to help out with:

  • Track set up. This will occur from 09:30am Saturday 30th May. Contact¬†racedirector@ambc.asn.au¬†to register your interest.
  • Track pack up. Crucial. Unfortunately the arrows don’t decompose and we have to go around pick them all up. We’ve got scientists working on it, but for now it takes good old fashioned humans to go around and pick up the bunting/arrows.
  • Holding down the registration desk. The wind can be a bugger and the more people we have holding onto the paper the more people can sign on to the race and receive their race plate and transponder.

On a seperate note (or two):

  1. The elite winter series table has been formed and is available on the results page.
  2. Chelsea has managed to print off another Fat Chat. Not sure where she found the time in the last four weeks, but it’s another cracker:

Click here for the High Resolution

Click here for the Low Resolution

For now, that’s all!

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Hammer Nutrition Round 1 results

Results are up on the website – click here to go to the results page. The Elite series table will be up by the end of the week (probably).

Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.

Great turn out of racers.

Next round is at Prospect Hill on 31st May

The calendar page – click here – has been revamped and has registration links to ALL the races for the rest of the year.

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Hammer Nutrition Round 1 and FATCHAT!

Yes! The first round of the Hammer Nutrition enduro series is on this weekend. Registration has been open for forever, so if you haven’t got around to that, well, get around to that. Click here to be awesome. If you’re stuggling to be awesome because of reasons – internet is slow, cat GIFs are chewing up your bandwidth or Netflix is finally playing after 4 days of buffering – send an email to timing@ambc.asn.au and we’ll sort something out.

We head up to Fox Creek for this round, an excellent prelude to the upcoming Dirty Weekend. So if it’s practice you want, it’s practice you’ll get. Smooth loamy forrests, rocky sections on the crops out yonder and not returning from knolls, all fun times to be had.

If you’re after info on the Enduro series – click here. Pretty basic concept – ride for 4 hours and try and beat the person in front of you. If you’re leading, well, good for you. Keep it up.

Also the first round of the Elite series. Make sure you get on board if you want to be eligible to win some cold, hard CASSSSHHHHHHHH!!! at the end of the year.

If you’re looking for enthusiasm and excitement building, well check out the return issue of FATCHAT! Yes, that’s right, a studious club member was recently exposed to an age old club tradition (thanks Aurelia) and decided it’d be a good way to amuse herself. So thanks to Chelsea (with inspiration being received from previous editor – Carlos – through reading), here it is:

Low-resolution version Рfor copper phone line Internet connections (about 1.5M)
High-resolution version Рfor optic fibre and looking at REAL pretty pictures (about 5.5M)

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