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Trail care, Masters games and request for pics!

Probably the busiest 3 weeks I’ve seen in a while for getting info out to everyone!

So here’s a bit of a 3 in one hit out.

Firstly – The Australian Masters Games. Those wonderful games that allow you the perception of racing against those of equal ability because they’re vaguely in your age bracket – over 30(ish). Anyway, early bird entries close up for these games THIS FRIDAY. So if you’re a sure fire entrant, get on board and enter here.

AMBC is proudly hosting the MTB component of the Masters Games at Craigburn. That means you’ll get all the familiar heckling that you’re used to – so long as they give me the microphone and timing goes smoothly (what could possibly go wrong?)

5 days to go - social
Well……5ish days to go……but, IT’S A PANDA! Those suits are so hot right now!

Secondly – Trail care. That thing that people do that allow others to do awesome stuff. These groups are the back bone of MTBing because without them, well, the trails would be pretty average.

Prospect Hill Trail care group recently received a donation of tools from AMBC and Trailscapes (thanks for the deal and the hard yard in R&D on the tools!). They were immediately put to use – fixing up the “new climbing trail” that has appeared.

“Rake Bake” and the “Half Bake”

Fox Creek XC Track Maintenance group continuing there reputation for hosting trail days on race days were out on the trails building and grooming “Climbing Ivy”. Look forward to it!

Nice ‘n tight corners!

Cobbler Creek Trail Maintenance group look to have established a great relationship with the local ranger – Meryl Jenkins – who will be hosting a trail care info day at Cobbler Creek on 23rd Aug. For more information, contact Gawler Natural Resource office on 8523 7700.

If you ever find yourself sitting around because you get bored of racing, make sure you give something back – hit these groups and get out and have a dig.

FINALLY – apparently there were a few photographers out on Sunday at the race. I’ve only got pics from one of them. So if you’re one of the other photographers, hit up and we can publish/link to/display/etc. your photos through our media streams.

There’s a chatter of fatness rolling out soon as well, so expect this week to be informative and laughy.

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AMBC Races

Race Report for 2013 Hammer Nutrition XC Enduro Race 1

The 2013 Hammer Nutrition XC Enduro 4-hour series kicked off on Sunday with the first round held at Prospect Hill. The weather was a little damp in the lead up, but come race day it was a perfect sunny and still autumn day. The vibe from race start was great, with the sun shining and 102 riders ready to compete in their respective solo or duo categories.

The 8km course consisted of the majority of the crowd-favourite singletrack sections, broken up with some fire road. The course was wet in areas, and the slippery roots were out to play.

There was a great atmosphere on course, with the sounds of riders enjoying themselves and chatting, and an extremely friendly attitude from passing riders. Once the checkered flag began to wave, the prominent sound became the chatter of exhausted riders comparing race stories and sharing laughs.

Make sure you keep June 23rd free for the next XC Enduro to be held at Craigburn Farm.

Thanks to all of the riders for making it such a great race and to all of the sponsors for their support.

Most of all, thank you to all of the volunteers who dedicated their time to ensure the course was prime, and that the event was run as smooth as they get!

Thanks to Daniel Morgan for the photos above. More photos can be found here. Keep an eye on the club photos page for other photo albums that members have submitted, or submit your album to be included and shared on the page to

— Solo Male —



Tom Goddard 9 4:11:45
Shaun Lewis 9 4:19:36
Todd Lorenz 9 4:23:08

— Solo Female —



Sarah Holmes 7 4:05:19
Anna Puckridge 7 4:18:41

— Solo Male 40+ —



Evan James 8 4:05:29
Matthew Sanderson 8 4:07:14
Stephen Leske 8 4:14:44

— Solo Female 40+ —



Elaine Pyle 1 0:57:35

— Duo Male —



Team Bobby Dazzlers 9 4:15:52
JRA 9 4:30:05
FOS 8 4:00:07

— Duo Mixed —



Woony 6 4:01:13
The Peptides 6 4:12:52
Cruzin Cousins 5 3:57:22

— Duo Junior —



GR Racing 7 4:02:26
Saints Team 1 7 4:40:14
Where’s the cheese? 6  4:27:04

Full results can be found on the results page, which have been revised at the time of this post.

AMBC Races

Results and Photos for 2013 Summer Series Race 3, Craigburn Farm

Results for today’s Race 3 of the 2013 Summer Series held at Craigburn Farm, have been posted on the Race Results page.

Already one photo album has been published from today, thanks to Aurelia (Facebook). Please keep an eye on the Photos page for any additional photo albums published.

AMBC Races

Photos from Summer Series Race, Eagle Park

Clintpix Photography has taken photos at the Eagle Park Summer Series race, available for purchase from his website.

Thanks to Paul Massey for taking photos, and sharing them on Facebook.

For photos from other races, check out the AMBC Photos page.

General News

Photos from Giant XCO Series Mt Torrens

Thanks to Tim Klein who has taken over a hundred photos of the race and shared on Photobucket. He’s also uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube.

Also thanks to P’an-tau Jiricek-Scott who’s posted photos on Facebook too. Please tag yourselves away!

For photos from other races, check out the AMBC Photos page.

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