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Hammer Nutrition Enduro Round 3 results


Results are up! Visit the results page to check them out – click here

Next race is the first round of the Giant XCO races on 07th August. Entries are open.

XCO is a a lap based race format where competitors race to be the first to complete the allocated number of laps for their grade. For more info, check out the links below.

Register Now | Race Location | XCO series info

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In the meantime, if you’re eager to keep on the bike in competition, check out the first round of the Gravity Enduro SA series on this weekend – Sun 03 Jul 2016 – Full face helmet is required for timed stages. For more information, head over to the GESA website – click here – or to head on to registration – click here. Entries close this Wed 29th June at 9pm, so be quick!

Following on from that, Port Adelaide Cycling Club have the 3rd round of the PsychoCross series on 24th July, keep eye on PACCs Facebook page for announcements – click here.

On the same weekend – 23rd/24th July – Inside Line also host the 4th round of their downhill series at Eagle MTB Park, so if hurtling down trails is more your style, head over to their website for details – click here

That should keep you distracted for the short term! See you on the trails.


AMBC Races

Hammer Nutrition Round 1 and FATCHAT!

Yes! The first round of the Hammer Nutrition enduro series is on this weekend. Registration has been open for forever, so if you haven’t got around to that, well, get around to that. Click here to be awesome. If you’re stuggling to be awesome because of reasons – internet is slow, cat GIFs are chewing up your bandwidth or Netflix is finally playing after 4 days of buffering – send an email to and we’ll sort something out.

We head up to Fox Creek for this round, an excellent prelude to the upcoming Dirty Weekend. So if it’s practice you want, it’s practice you’ll get. Smooth loamy forrests, rocky sections on the crops out yonder and not returning from knolls, all fun times to be had.

If you’re after info on the Enduro series – click here. Pretty basic concept – ride for 4 hours and try and beat the person in front of you. If you’re leading, well, good for you. Keep it up.

Also the first round of the Elite series. Make sure you get on board if you want to be eligible to win some cold, hard CASSSSHHHHHHHH!!! at the end of the year.

If you’re looking for enthusiasm and excitement building, well check out the return issue of FATCHAT! Yes, that’s right, a studious club member was recently exposed to an age old club tradition (thanks Aurelia) and decided it’d be a good way to amuse herself. So thanks to Chelsea (with inspiration being received from previous editor – Carlos – through reading), here it is:

Low-resolution version – for copper phone line Internet connections (about 1.5M)
High-resolution version – for optic fibre and looking at REAL pretty pictures (about 5.5M)

Race Location | Join AMBC today | Enduro Series Info | Elite Series Info | Register Now

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