Forms and Policies

The following policies and procedures have been endorsed by the committee and have been updated to suit current practices, legislation and AusCycling guidelines.

PolicyRevision DateLink
Constitution2002, June
AMBC Policy Manual2021, November
AMBC Procedure Manual2021, November
AMBC Risk Management Plan2018, June
AMBC Role Statements2021, November
AMBC Volunteer Induction Information2021, November

These policies and procedures supersede past documents:

  • Procedure Manual – June 2018
  • Risk Management Plan – October 2006
  • Risk Assessment Manual – October 2006
  • Risk Assessment Plan Review – October 2006
  • Environmental Policy – September 2001
  • Volunteer Policy – June 2007
  • Life Member Policy – June 2016
  • Incident Report Form

AusCycling Documents

AMBC will also utilize and adhere to AusCycling policies, procedures and rules. These documents may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extreme Weather policy
  • Technical regulations
  • Anti-doping policy
  • Codes of Conduct

These documents are not controller by AMBC and as such should be sourced from AusCycling directly.

Click here for the AusCycling Governance, Rules and Policies page.

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