Wanted: Media Coordinator and Timers

Evan James has finally managed to find a good excuse to part from the club – he’s succesfully gained employment with MTBA as the Junior Development Coordinator. Evan has been a committee member with AMBC for the last 8 years, heavily involved as Race Director for most of those years. Last year he switched to the Media Coordinator position and took charge of the clubs Facebook page.

AMBC would like to thank Evan for his dedication in assisting the club throughout the years and we look forward to working with him in his new role as the Junior Development Coordinator for MTBA.

As a result, the Media Coordinator position is up for grabs. If you feel you’ve got the lingo to handle the clubs website posts (in collusion with P’An-Tau), Facebook page and the Instagram account – shoot an email to info@ambc.asn.au. The technical side of the website is handled by Tom Bamman, so you only need to know how to “make words awesome” to full-fill this role.

The other position the club is looking to build on is on the day race timers. There’s ample information on this page, but basically we are looking for people to watch the timing computer while the race is on. If you think you can perform this role, please email timing@ambc.asn.au and we can sort out a suitable training time.

EOY Pony Express Party wrap up!

Too many smiles to count on Sunday and it was great to see a really solid turn out of new and old “competitors”. Results you ask? Soon(ish). They’re not really important for this race – someone came first and someone came last, but last got the last laugh!

Tim Loft and Paul Massey have posted some fantastic photos on Facebook.

Turns out I got the Geoff Luders Volunteer of the year award. A huge honor in my view and thanks to John Allison (and whoever else whispered my name in the wind) for recognizing me.

A massive thanks to our sponsors for the year:

A huge thanks to the committee for the year:

  • President – Matthew Ackland
  • Treasurer – Scott Keneally
  • Secretary – Luke Hallam
  • Race Director – David Knight
  • Junior Coordinator – Chris Crocker
  • Junior Coordinator – Scott Denton
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Robyn Couch
  • Trails Officer – Malcolm Robertson
  • Sponsorship – John Allison
  • Timing & Registration – P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott
  • Media Coordinator – Evan James
  • Website Administrator – Tom Bammann

The AGM held at the State Champs saw the same committee members be re-instated. Evan James has since retracted from his position as media coordinator due to a new job with MTBA – more info on that soon.

Another huge thanks to all the regular volunteers that help with all the menial tasks on race day. Without you guys and gals trail prep, setup, pack-down and the BBQ would be a different story altogether.

The 2015 Summer series has been set up for registration and round 1 – 11th Jan – is open for entries. The first round to be held in the Adelaide Parklands (TBC exactly where). Head on over to the Summer Series info page for the details.

There’ll be a 2015 info post coming out in the next few weeks that will outline the clubs plan for the 2015 season. If you only read one document from the club for the year, it should be this one! If you happen to sneak on and check out the 2015 pages, info is still being confirmed for the Enduro and XCO.

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AMBC EOY Pony Party entry reminder

Noticed a slight hitch this morning and entries were down! Fear not! The problem has been rectified and entries are indeed open until 10am Sat (tomorrow) morning!

Don’t forget that if you’ve raced in 3 or more AMBC endorsed races this years you’re in the draw to win the Giant bike – proudly supplied by Giant Cycling World Adelaide.

Team and individual registrations are available – if you register as an individual we’ll rally some forces to help you raid the Forrest of Doom – it’s dangerous to go alone!

If you have any dramas with registration let timing@ambc.asn.au know. We can sort things out.

More info is available in the original post here.

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AMBC EOY Pony Express Party


With less than a week to go before entries close for the end of year pony express party – here’s some info for the masses!

To finish the year off AMBC is hosting a Pony Express race at Victoria Park (Park 16) in the Adelaide Parklands – Forrest of Doom.

The race will be held on Sunday 7th Dec, sign-on from 9am and race start at 10am. Racing will last for aprox. 1.5 hours, with some prizes and a BBQ happening afterwards.

Pony Express is a team relay format of racing that requires each team to contain at least 1 junior or female rider. Each team member completes the required number of laps (usually 3-4 of a short course) and the first team to complete the laps is the winner. The race plate is the relay baton and must be transferred from rider to rider for each lap – AMBC encourages the use of your imagination when thinking of efficient ways to do this!

Transponders are not required for this race and race plates will be issued on the day.

Entry for adults is $15 and juniors $10. If you’re not an MTBA member, you will need a $20 day license as well. Registration is available here.

If you can’t form a team, but still wish to race, enter as an individual and we can allocate a team on the day.

Following the race, we will be raffling of a Giant Bike to anyone who has competed in three or more races throughout the year (includes GESA). Winners will need to be there to win the prize.

If you have any questions, please email timing@ambc.asn.au

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State Champs results are up

Preliminary results are up on the results page. They will be finalised at 6:00pm Wednesday. If you have any questions, please send an email to timing@ambc.asn.au

Thanks to David Knight and Evan James for laying out a good tough course. Apparently just over 1,000m of climbing for the 6 laps – I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!

Thanks to all who volunteered to help out to make this race happen.

Next “race” is on the 6th Dec and will be a pony express – one junior and/or female required per team. No official timing and we will be drawing the raffle for the Giant Bike – two race entries throughout the year will get you in the draw, BUT, you have to be there to win it! More details to follow soon.