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EOY Pony Express Party wrap up!

Too many smiles to count on Sunday and it was great to see a really solid turn out of new and old “competitors”. Results you ask? Soon(ish). They’re not really important for this race – someone came first and someone came last, but last got the last laugh!

Tim Loft and Paul Massey have posted some fantastic photos on Facebook.

Turns out I got the Geoff Luders Volunteer of the year award. A huge honor in my view and thanks to John Allison (and whoever else whispered my name in the wind) for recognizing me.

A massive thanks to our sponsors for the year:

A huge thanks to the committee for the year:

  • President – Matthew Ackland
  • Treasurer – Scott Keneally
  • Secretary – Luke Hallam
  • Race Director – David Knight
  • Junior Coordinator – Chris Crocker
  • Junior Coordinator – Scott Denton
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Robyn Couch
  • Trails Officer – Malcolm Robertson
  • Sponsorship – John Allison
  • Timing & Registration – P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott
  • Media Coordinator – Evan James
  • Website Administrator – Tom Bammann

The AGM held at the State Champs saw the same committee members be re-instated. Evan James has since retracted from his position as media coordinator due to a new job with MTBA – more info on that soon.

Another huge thanks to all the regular volunteers that help with all the menial tasks on race day. Without you guys and gals trail prep, setup, pack-down and the BBQ would be a different story altogether.

The 2015 Summer series has been set up for registration and round 1 – 11th Jan – is open for entries. The first round to be held in the Adelaide Parklands (TBC exactly where). Head on over to the Summer Series info page for the details.

There’ll be a 2015 info post coming out in the next few weeks that will outline the clubs plan for the 2015 season. If you only read one document from the club for the year, it should be this one! If you happen to sneak on and check out the 2015 pages, info is still being confirmed for the Enduro and XCO.

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