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Forum relocation

Apologies for the down-time of the Forums as the gazillion AMBC forums posts, attachments, are all currently being downloaded in preparation for uploading to the new server that this new website is located on. Hopefully the forums will be back online later tonight.

4 replies on “Forum relocation”

And it is now complete. You can go to the relocated forums by going to in your browser, or clicking on the button in the top right.

I don’t know if its just me and Ive eaten too many bananas but I can’t see any ‘forum’ button to click me mouse on?

All I see my end is new,about,membership,calendar,event info…etc.

Having a forum button would make it easy for noobs that are yet to experience the magic of the ambc forum.

Cheers for the feedback. There is indeed a forum button in the top right, we just discovered last night that the iPad doesn’t display the sidebar (not just the forum button but anything in the sidebar for that matter). I’m not sure why the sidebar isn’t displaying on some browsers, possibly it’s browser related, maybe it’s screen res related, but thanks for the prod I’ll try to fix it tonight. Definitely not eating too many bananas! 🙂

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